Flux Capacitor Car Charger – ultimate cool in your car

ThinkGeek has come up with the, in the words of Android Authority, ‘Coolest car charger ever’. The Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger has two ports to allow for charging both your phone and tablet at the same time. It was firt thought up as an April Fool’s joke, but consumers have goaded The folks at ThinkGeek into making it a real product.

It’s modeled after the Back to the Future 1.21 gigawatt Flux Capacitor found in the DeLorean that Marty McFly flew around in and when powered on, the lighting sequence we all remember is much like it’s cinematic ancestor and will more than likely make your friend’s say, “Way cool!!” And though it’s just a miniature, it is functional and a pretty striking conversation piece.

The Flux Capacitor Car Charger costs $24.99 and is available from thinkgeek.com now. It won’t have you behind the wheel of the DeLorean, but it’s still really cool.

Source: Android Authority

George Hayes

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