Advertise on Bane Tech! Ad space, video intro/outros, social media posts

Advertise on Bane Tech! Ad space, video intro/outros, social media posts

Advertising on Bane Tech presents many opportunities to get your product and message out to the interwebs! There is space on, YouTube, and social media.

Benefits of advertising on Bane Tech:

  • Growing audience
  • Many avenues
  • Interactive audience
  • Bane Tech is involved with partnerships, blogs, channels, and influencers.

Bane Tech is flexible and willing to work with you to make advertising with us a win/win. If you have any questions at all please drop an email or Google Hangouts at

Website Ads:

Bane Tech has space available to advertise on the sidebar, header and footer.

If you are interested in advertising on please contact Josh via email at

Pricing and sizes to be discussed.HERE

Space available includes – header, side bar, footer, and within posts. Within posts ads can be placed at the top, middle, and/or the bottom of the post.

YouTube Ads:

Video intro/ outro ads – a great way to use ads and gain exposure is to have an ad placed at the beginning or end of a YouTube video. Ads can also be placed in the middle of a video. For an example watch the video below. Pricing varies. Please inquire by email via

When submitting requests please let me know if you are providing images/content, links to where you want the viewer to go, and how long you want the ad to run.

Social Media:

Ads can also be posted on Bane Tech’s social media accounts including Google+Facebook, Twitter InstagramPlease inform if you are providing the images/content to be posted. Ad designing is available. Please include links and/or codes you want viewers to know about.

Sponsorship Banners:

Sponsorship banners are available for social media cover photos with YouTubeGoogle+Facebook, TwitterHave your logo placed on the social media cover photos.


Accepted via PayPal or Google Wallet. Ads can be purchased in time increments of weekly, monthly, and yearly. YouTube ads are per video or monthly (ads to be in each video for an entire month).

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