Millennials have a problem…cable hoarding – ChubbyCable to the rescue!

ChubbyCable to the rescue! Millennials, we have a problem. We keep too many cables and cable hoarding. It’s been an ongoing issue for me, for years. I know, but just in case, right? Typically, when I get a new product, I store the cables for reasons such as this is a good cable; sometimes, when I have multiple things going on with teams, I have to split up cable for charging cameras and other devices. Other reasons could be for reselling products or if it’s a type of cable that is not normal, like a thick micro USB (I still call them Blackberry USB cables, lol).

I feel like I am giving myself self-therapy as I script this out! I also consider myself a minimalist (at heart). Other than gear, my belongings like my clothing and EDC items, I try to keep things simple. The minimalist side of me loves a clean and neat environment. I don’t like clutter. That said, I am excited to swap out my old cable for these new Chubbycables! There’s literally no need to keep so many cables.

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First impressions

  • As you can guess, the millennial me was a little giddy inside when I got to collaborate with ChubbyCable. I was like, send me all the cables! 
  • But then I also thought this would be a great opportunity to minimize my cable collection.
  • Off the bat, I was impressed with the colors and materials. 
  • I was MOST excited about adding a little flavor of color with my new desk setup at the house. My creation station. That’s another video! 
  •  Now I have a cable for pretty much everything I need. iPhoneiPad ProPixelMacBook Pro
    • And other devices. 


  • Apple cables…for years, have had a bad reputation for tearing up and discoloration. 
  • I like the fact Apple used braided material for the MBPs, but they still get rather dirty. 
  • Obviously, it’s good to use the manufacturer’s cables, but they lack style and functionality. 
  • ChubbyCable – has some amazing colorways! 
  • I worked hard on cable management for my new desk setup. I wanted one cable to connect to my MCP, which in turn, connects to this dock which then connects to my monitor. The cable that came with the hub work but is boring and sticks out with its length. This coiled braided cable doesn’t take up any space and looks cool with my white desk and wood monitor riser. 
  • Again LOVE the fact of just needing one cable! Simply sit down, plug in, and start working. 
  • It was also important to me that the one cable helps put away my laptop stuff to make space for my kids and me to record videos. 
  • The coiled cable hides great and, again, does not take up much space at all. 

Final Thoughts

One of the problems with my previous cable collection is that all the cables were either black or white. So when I needed a cable, and them not being very organized, it was a pain to find a cable quickly. These cables stand out! 

ChubbyCables made the millennial me quite happy 🙂 Now the hard part… tossing the old cables out. Well, it won’t be that hard, but still…

…also, you can get rid of those product boxes too 😉


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