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The best portable conference speaker – Audeze Filter

The Audeze Filter is what I would consider an essential piece of tech every remote business person needs in their everyday carry. There are practical situations to use the Audeze Filter and Bluetooth speaker for conference calls and video chats. Bluetooth speakers have been around for quite a while at this point, and it’s only in recent years we have seen the technology advance to another level. Audeze has equipped the Filter with A.I., audio patterns, and a sleek design.

Audeze Filter

Audeze Filter Features

The Filter is not your average Bluetooth speaker. It packs some useful features to make conference calls and video chats a better experience for the user. The Filter includes all the usual features, such as easy connectivity, volume adjustments, and good battery life. But what makes this speaker stand out from the rest?

  • A.I.-Powered Noise Reduction to remove unwanted background noise distractions.
  • Intelligent Beamforming Microphone Array that has an adaptive range to pick up voices from various distances.
  • Planar Magnetic Speaker for crispy audio.
  • Easy setup and compatible with many conference platforms.
  • Aluminum frame for durability while on the go.

Audeze Filter

Scenarios of Use

Three years ago, when covid-19 hit the globe, remote work was necessary to conduct business. Unfortunately, not everyone was ready or equipped for high-quality calls, and as a result, many people got used to low-production-quality calls. I’m not saying we all need to invest thousands of dollars to accomplish studio-quality calls, but I do think first impressions are everything. Not all workplaces are going to be suitable for low noise or distractions. Business persons who are remotely working from home, coffee shops, etc., can’t necessarily tell a crying child, barking dog, neighbors doing lawn care, or the barista to be quiet.

Just typing all that out made me anxious, thinking about all the times I needed peace and quiet while on a call with clients…[insert sigh…]

Not to mention for years up until this point, conference speakers have been built into a heavy desk in a conference room. Obviously, we can’t just pick all that up and move it with us to wherever we need to take a call. That’s where the Audeze Filter shines!

The size of the Filter is not much bigger than a large iPhone. It’s as thin as a phone and fits inside bags without taking up much space at all. There are no wires to worry about, and it is as easy as pressing a button to get started.

Audeze Filter

The Filter is perfect for calls requiring more than one person because audio patterns can be pointed in one direction or all around the table.

Final Thoughts

I could have used the Filter in so many situations in the past and wish I had the Filter sooner. First impressions are everything to me and can determine whether you win over a client or not. Personally, I care about presentation, and the Filter provides a solution to perform at your best!

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