YouTube setup

Simple YouTube Setup at Home

The Goal

It’s been a goal of mine to work on building out a home content creation station for my kids and a spot where if needed, I could work on my own projects. Overall, I wanted a white stand-up desk, an external monitor, one cable plug-in-and-go design, something to mount cameras, and a light. My kids are always creating something, it could be anything from origami, legos, or unboxing toys. All of them like to make videos, they watch videos about the stuff they like to create, and want to post to platforms. As I have seen these interests and skills develop, I wanted to provide a space for them to get all that done because, essentially, all they need to do is record the things they are already doing.

Work Station

In addition, a space to plug up a laptop and work on any projects to get done. I do my best to leave my work at work, so I can be home and present, but life happens, and sometimes I have to work at home. Also, sometimes I simply want to stay home and work. For the longest time, I would just work on the couch, but sitting on the couch caused neck strain and headaches, and I grew anxious while working. Definitely, not the best working conditions for my health. At my studio, I have a comfortable chair, footrest, standing desk, and an external monitor to keep my posture in a better position, and overall, I am happy while working at that station. All that to say, I needed to have a similar setup at home if I was going to be working from home.

YouTube setup

The Challenge

Put the two challenges of building out a creation station for my kids and myself, this is what I have put together. Some of the items are new, and some items are from what I have collected over the years. To get the old stuff out of the way, let’s quickly mention those.

  • The chair – I’ve had this gaming chair for a few years, and it’s held up ok for the most part, with the exception of the left arm coming off, which is not adjustable anymore.
  • The laptop – I’ve had this MacBook Pro since 2021. Still working great! Love the M processor and large 16-inch screen!
  • GVM light – This was at the studio, not getting used as much, so this was a perfect fit for bringing home + Godox lantern softbox
  • Light stand and boom arm – I ordered new copies of these items because I use them all the time at the studio, so I wanted a duplicate at home.
  • Other accessories like the MX Master 3S mouse, headphones, cellphone mount, etc.

Don’t you love it when the stars align your way? What I mean by that is I had a few brands reach out about including their stuff in reviews/content. I pitched them the idea of making a creation station, and they were cool about it, so here are those items that helped make all this come together.

Standing Desk

Flexispot has been good to me, and I genuinely like their product. As a matter of fact, I have about 3 Flexispot desks now. One was from a previous review, the other I ordered for the studio, and now this new white desk for my home creation station. Usually, I like dark wood or black designs, but this time I wanted white as white desktop color because most of the videos made for the kids and myself will be unboxings and flat lays. White helps display the items well. The black frame and walnut monitor riser is a nice color combo in my opinion. Other accessories that help make this desk function will include…

  • Cable management trays
  • Mountable power
  • Underdesk drawer

All of these items mentioned are available at the Flexispots store. Flexispot: Use my code ”YTB50” to get an extra $50 off on orders over $500 USA: / Canada

The standing desk is known for helping with posture health and such, which is true, but I had another practical purpose for having an adjustable desk. Between my kids and I, we have various heights. The programmable preset buttons allow my youngest son to have a low height setting and when I need something done all I have to do is hit my designated button to return to a height comfortable for me.

I wanted a clean, minimal setup. Flexispot offers tons of cable management, along with other things, to keep your belongings neat and tidy. Under the desk is a tray for the main desk motor cables and another rack for nesting other cables.

Ugreen 9 in 1 USB-C Docking Station

The docking station was an important element of my new desk setup. I wanted to be able to manage all my devices from one hub. Ideally, just use one cable to attach to my laptop which then in turn connects to my desktop monitor. That’s the primary function I will use my hub for. However, there are tons more features that can be done with this dock.

Stand out features

  • Dual monitors
  • HDMI and Display Ports
  • Fast data transfers
  • Dual 4K@60Hz Extension

Computer Monitor

I had a couple of monitors around, so I repurposed those and purchased this HP Omen gaming monitor to be used for video editing and gaming. I found a good deal at Best Buy, and this was in my budget for what I wanted to spend. So far, so good. I like the extra RGB light on the back that throws some color on my wall. Nice little touch.


You’ll have to check out my other post, which has more details. In short, I am working on replacing all my main EDC cables with ChubbyCable items. These new cables add some more flavor, durability, and organization to my cable needs. Use code BANETECH to save 10%.

Final Thoughts

I’m really excited and satisfied with how this simple and practical desk setup turned out. It’s functional for both creating and editing videos. The Flexispot desk allows me to have a space to work at home if needed. I love the design!

This post hopefully helps with giving you an idea of what you could do at home too. I wanted this to be an educational post about how to build out a creation station and where to get some of the mentioned products.

It was fulfilling as a creative dad to see my kids jump right in and begin recording videos. They are also learning how to edit videos with Davinci Resolve. As mentioned above, the kids are doing things that can be recorded and shared. By the end of the summer, they will be able to support themselves by knowing how to record and edit videos. Win/win.

Thanks to Flexispot, Ugreen, and ChubbyCable for sending out these products for this project idea!

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