Zmodo Pivot – 360° Rotating Camera and Smart Home Hub

Zmodo Pivot – 360° Rotating Camera and Smart Home Hub

The Zmodo Pivot is a pretty cool WiFi camera is probably one the better cameras I have reviewed. And I have reviewed quite a few. For the most part many of the WiFi cameras out there are about the same thing with a different logo. The Pivot is not like those others. If fact, the app alone helps set itself apart from the rest. As far as the camera functions it’s not too, too different from other WiFi cameras. So what makes this better than the rest?


Basically, the way I like to put it is the Pivot compliments the home experience. You’ve got the standard WiFi camera features like being able to control the camera from an app, be able to see what’s going on, two way radio/communication, and recording footage. What makes this stand out is that it can read the temperature and humidity in the home, comes with door/window sensors, and has built in 16GBs of storage.


The door/window sensors are pretty cool. There are to magnetic sensors that you place by a door/window frame and when opened the camera will pan over to the triggered area and then alert your mobile device. The on-board storage compliments the ability to record triggered motions because at those times is when you want to record an intruder or emergency situations.


Long story short, the Pivot is the next level in the WiFi camera department. It’s easy to setup and has additional features beyond what the average WiFi cameras offer. Not too mention you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker if you want. The speaker is not the best out there, but it’s just a bonus.


  • Pivot acts as a hub and comes with two door/window sensors to alert you when something’s open
  • With 16GB of built-in storage, you can record days of video without having to pay additional fees
  • Pivot has a mic and speaker, so you can talk with people at home and even play music via Bluetooth
  • Pivot provides readings of temperature and humidity, giving you the whole picture of your home
  • When your door or window is opened, Pivot will automatically rotate and capture what happened

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