GGMM M4 Portable Wireless WiFi/Bluetooth Multi-Room Stereo Speaker System

GGMM M4: Portable Wireless WiFi/Bluetooth Multi-Room Stereo Speaker System

This is one of the best portable wireless speakers I have ever used, if not the best. I’ve never really owned high end speaker systems and when I get the chance to review such products as the GGMM M4 speaker I am very anxious to see how it performs. I am no audiophile, but I do appreciate good crisp sound with thumping bass. The M4 did not disappoint! There are many features that help separate this speaker from other wireless speakers truly setting it apart from the competition. The price is little higher than I normally would consider to spend on, but the quality helps justify the expense.


Speaker reviews are always interesting to me because it is a challenge to communicate what I am experiencing on my end of the camera and mic. The shotgun mic on my Lumix FZ300 is pretty good and helps produce good sound. Therefore, while watching the video you will experience something similar to what I am hearing, although not perfect. But let me tell ya, the sound is clear and the bass hits well. My only complaint about the sound is the volume could be a little louder. However, with that said this one speaker fills my 3 bedroom one story home with sound. There are some features that could help boost the volume and I will list those off below. First, watch and listen the video review and once finished continue on down the page for more about the M4.

As you can tell from the video the M4 is high quality, sounds good, and looks great! This is truly the best wireless speaker I have owned. It’s fun and a joy to listen to my music with.



  • Kevlar speakers with integrated Wolfson DAC minimizes sound distortion
  • Multi-room audio: Connect up to 6 speakers. Each speaker can stream Left & Right channels to create a surround sound experience
  • Make music social: Switch easily between audio sources and add up to 16 devices without logging out
  • Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy your music anywhere (10 hours)
  • Connect via Bluetooth, direct Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi router, or AUX


Some of my favorite characteristics of the GGMM M4 wireless speaker the ability to use WiFi versus Bluetooth, you can connect more speakers to either give a surround sound effect or place in multiple rooms to play the same audio, and the build quality. The M4 is made of leather, durable materials, and audio parts to make a great speaker.  I also like the fact that you can control the speaker’s features with a mobile app.


As I mentioned above, I don’t have much to complain about with this speaker other than the volume could use a little boost. But it is by no means a deal breaker. It’s great that there is Spotify compatibility, but I would love to have Google Music added to that list as well. I normally don’t have music on my device, but stream from Google Play Music. In order to enjoy my music like I normally do Bluetooth is the best method to use.

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