Top 10 Apple Watch Apps – WaterMinder

Series Introduction

Now that I’ve had my Apple Watch for some time it’s time to drop my Top 10 Apple Watch Apps Series. This entire series is dedicated to the 10 best overall 3rd party apps for the Apple Watch. It’s a great time to own an Apple Watch and many of these apps have been supercharged or just overall more useful than before with the recent addition of WatchOS 3. Be aware this series isn’t in any particular order or rank. I use some of these apps more than others however they’re all stellar for what they do and essential in my daily life.



Top 10 Apple Watch Apps – WaterMinder


I wanted to start this series off strong with the app I use most often on the Apple Watch. That app is WaterMinder. Before getting my watch I was tracking daily hydration with the Waterlogged app via my iPhone. Naturally I tried the WaterLogged Apple Watch app but it was garbage. So I set out searching for a hydration tracking app that was simple yet customizable enough to save time. I even paid for a few that definitely didn’t live up to the price. When you pay $5 for a hydration tracking app and it doesn’t work well and seems counter-intuitive you can certainly get frustrated. Then I stumbled upon an app named WaterMinder in the App Store. My search had finally ended and the frustration up to that point seemed worth it.


WaterMinder’s App Store App



WaterMinder is the only water tracking app I find that does everything I want it to. Pair that with a slew of customization options and you’ve got a great way to track your daily hydration. WaterMinder is on iOS as well as the Google Play store. It also has the added perk of having an app specific for Apple Watch. You can set your custom beverage size values which saves a lot of time. I mostly use BlenderBottles all 26oz sized, so I set that as a custom size the first time I used the app. I also can say the app works offline as well. Due to the nature of my career I must turn my Apple Watch on airplane mode at my office. So I track hydration in airplane mode a significant amount of time. It all syncs up with Apple Health and my iPhone as soon as I turn airplane mode off. I’ve never had a problem with lost data so far.


WaterMinder lets you choose your complication view.


WaterMinder even lets you customize the layout and complication design for the Apple Watch. Having more than one option is a nice touch. The app also does a good job motivating you to drink more water. It sends reminder alerts every couple of hours. WaterMinder also provides achievements which add positive reinforcement to drinking more water. I can track hydration completely by lifting up my arm and pressing twice on my Apple Watch. That convenience alone made it worth the $1.99 WaterMinder is priced at. I can’t recommend this app enough for hydration tracking. Do yourself a solid and check WaterMinder out by clicking below.





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