Top 10 Apple Watch Apps – Reps & Sets

Top 10 Apple Watch Apps – Reps & Sets


One of the biggest issues I have with Apple’s approach on fitness is that it only seems to care about running. This is the same problem I had with Nike in the past. People aren’t ostriches and we do other things than run. Unfortunately, the technology just isn’t there yet to track weight lifting or other non-cardio forms of exercise. That’s where Reps & Sets comes through when Apple doesn’t.


Reps & Sets App Store Page


Reps & Sets is an App for iPhone that logs reps and sets for your strength workouts and some cardio exercises. It also includes some built-in workout programs that are helpful for beginners and experienced users. Recently the app went subscription based which allows you access to all its features and new programs when they are added with a premium subscription. The premium subscription costs $1 monthly. I had used it on the iPhone when I found out about it and loved using it. Then in late October they finally released an Apple Watch app companion. The Apple Watch app perfectly complements the iPhone app.

3D Touch options while you’re in a workout.

One of the things I use often in Reps & Sets is the ability to amend programs. Graham Bower of Cult of Mac (also Co-Creator of Reps & Sets) recently started a new program targeting beginners who want a workout program which uses things most commonly found in any home that only takes 10 minutes. I tried and ended up liking this 4-week program. There were some exercises I just couldn’t do though. So, on my iPhone I could quickly replace those workouts in mid-workout. I replaced the exercise on my 30 second rest period between reps. This caused no delay during my workout and was as efficient as one could hope.


Apple Watch view. Bar represents rest time between exercises.


Reps & Sets also provides a great educational experience. Any workout has an illustration and information about muscles it works. You can target specific areas of interest. I can tell from the 2 workouts I logged last week that I need to get some core workouts in. I know that because the app tells you your least and most worked muscle group. The app also includes charts and can give insight into tracking your gains. You can include your measurements and continue to track those gains throughout your workout program. Reps & Sets can be an iPhone widget on your lock-screen which means you can complete your program without ever unlocking your iPhone. My setup using it in the gym has been smooth. I don’t carry my iPhone 7 Plus on me when working out it’s just too bulky. I set it in my gym bag which isn’t too far away at any time. I start Reps & Sets on my iPhone then every interaction from that point on takes place on my wrist. The only thing you need your iPhone for is starting the program initially and amending exercises within a program. You can even edit reps with a Force Touch on your Apple Watch.


Force Touch on Apple Watch allows for editing of reps.


Reps & Sets has become essential to my overall health in the year 2017. It is in my Apple Watch app dock and enhances my awareness on a fitness level. This is a perfect app for anyone who makes a New Year’s resolution to become more health conscious. If you got a new Apple Watch for Christmas be sure and check this app out. It tracks those gains and has some awesome programs that you can easily import into the app. The app is free but I urge you to pay that $1 monthly. Your body will thank you at the end of the year. Reps & Sets will be linked below download it now.

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