Theater Mode for Apple Watch is here!

Theater Mode for Apple Watch is here!


Theater Mode may sound familiar to you because of all the rumors lately about a “Dark Mode” coming to iOS. It’s no Dark Mode, but Theater Mode is in the latest developer watchOS 3.2 Beta. From my testing of Theater Mode, it works well for what it is. After updating to 3.2 Beta 1 I pulled up Control Center and there was an extra icon that displayed the Greek comedy/tragedy masks. Once you press the Theater Mode icon you get an explanation of what it does. Right now, it briefs you on what it does every time you press the icon. The prompt says “Theater Mode turns on Silent Mode and keeps the screen dark until you tap the screen, or press the Digital Crown or side button”. That’s a good explanation of exactly what Theater Mode does in its current form.


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Theater Mode is a far cry from the rumors of Dark Mode on iOS but I still think it serves it’s purpose well. When in theaters I often wonder if my Apple Watch can be a distraction. I think this also makes sense because of Series 2 Apple Watch being even brighter than the first-generation Apple Watch. I also appreciate the fact that it still vibrates if you get an alert, I see this as a perfect middle ground. If that notification is important you must make a conscious effort to see that alert. There have also been some thoughts of this being a pretty good option for sleep tracking. However, I don’t wear my Apple Watch to sleep and have no intention to.


In conclusion, Theater Mode has potential and I find it to be perfect for the theater. It’s one of those features you aren’t expecting from Apple, but it fits it’s purpose perfectly. Let me know in the comments if you plan on using this feature when it goes live for the public.

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