Top 10 Apple Watch Apps – Overcast

Top 10 Apple Watch Apps – Overcast

The next great app is Overcast. Overcast is a podcast player for iPhone. I never really got into podcasts until last year. I started to listen to them in the car on the way to work. Now I mostly listen to them when showering. Now that I have my Apple Watch Series 2 using this app became a lot easier. When showering I can control Overcast from my wrist now. The Apple Watch app provides all the actions you need.

Overcast is a great podcast app. I love the special effects. Right now I have the Smart Speed set to the second plus sign. Smart Speed shortens all the silences in a podcast. This saves me a ton of wasted time when listening to podcasts. Overcast also offers you a good amount of options on the 3D Touch screen. A 3D Touch on the Apple Watch app even gives you the option to switch podcast channels. This is a great feature that’s especially useful on the watch. I can also change the special effects from the Apple Watch screen. It really is amazing that you can do all that from the watch screens. It also saves your podcast place well. I once went 3 months without listening to a podcast and when I came back it was right where I left off.

3D Touch options on Overcast.

I haven’t found anything negative too say about this app. It is awesome and has an app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. So if you’re on Android sucks to be you.


Overcast is my go-to podcast app. It has some unique podcast effects that make it a must have and it can be used across all your iPhone and Apple Watch seamlessly. The Apple Watch app packs all the features from the iPhone app in a smaller device. Overcast really utilizes 3D Touch technology which is always great. Overcast is also free although you can “Go Premium”. Which is a $10 annual subscription that removes ads and gives file upload access. Do yourself a favor by hitting that download link below.

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