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Watchface Wednesday: Android Wear for iOS

Android Wear is something I have been using ever since the 1st generation Moto 360. Since that point in time, Android has been my main OS for my daily driver smartphone. Until about a week ago. Last week I made the decision to switch to an iPhone 7 Plus. Nothing against Android or anything like that. This is a good time to try something different for a change. I’ve not used iOS as my main line since the iPhone 6 Plus two years ago. There have been a couple times where my work line, which is an iPhone 6 Plus, as my method of communication while I was in transition of a new phone arriving. All that said, I have been using a Moto 360 2nd generation Android Wear smartwatch and leaves me with a predicament using Android Wear with iOS. It’s not as functional and there are limitation on what you can do. One of the biggest limitations is the selection of watch faces.

There’s only a few to choose from either the stock watch faces from the Moto 360 or about fifteen others in the Apple App Store. From the App Store, it’s going to be slim pickins for my kind of taste. Typically, I like the minimal style with digital time. There’s not many that look good to me, but here is one that I found that gets me by.

HudAndroid Wear for iOS by ustwo Watch Faces in the App Store is the one that I am using now. It’s got an analog look with digital time in the center. Along with telling what time it is, there is a small icon that shows how much battery life is left on the watch by circling around the dials. The date is also present. So for the most part all the information I like to have shown is with this watch face. This watch face also has a decent ambient screen.


Search for “ustwo watch faces” in the App Store or navigate to the watch face section in the Android Wear app and select get more.

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