Open Letter to Apple – Activity/Health Web Interface

Open Letter to Apple – Activity/Health Web Interface


Dear Apple,

Its 2017 and you’re one of the biggest companies in the world. You’re definitely the biggest technology company. You are working on your third generation of fitness tracking via Apple Watch. You’ve also been tracking activity through iPhones since early 2015. You already have the leverage of millions of peoples data. Yet, you still have yet to give your consumers a proper web interface for their Activity or Health data. That is puzzling to me. It seems like that should have been a priority. I bought a Garmin sports watch when I deployed to Afghanistan in January of 2011. Garmin had a web interface for all my activity data 6 years ago. It doesn’t seem to hard to do. FitBit was able to do it years ago with a lot less money and resources. You also have 14 icons on the iCloud homepage.


Seems like that blank area to the bottom right would be perfect for a Fitness data icon. The fact that no proper interface for displaying that data is available from the source sends a message to me that you’re not “all in” from a fitness perspective. I’m no hardcore fitness guy. However, when I do workout or go for a run I would like to see my data somewhere other than my iPhone. Also your commercials and ads promote fitness heavily so why would there be no real  home for that fitness data?


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