Shout out to the tech nerds from Mobile Geezer

Like most YouTubers, starting up, I’ve been making and still make, the same mistakes that everyone else does. From naming/branding to quality of content, quality of equipment and misconceptions about YouTube itself. Luckily, there are quite a few other YouTubers who not only help with advice, but also lend a hand and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. This is just a general shout out to those that have helped me and continue to do so.

First and foremost, of course is Joshua Bane ( I guess you wouldn’t be reading this unless you knew that, huh?  I’ve been writing here for just about a year and a half and the amount of times that he has volunteered help, allowed me to pick his brain, corrected my content (especially spelling of tech-related products and programs), sent me something to review, etc. are innumerable. Then there’s RootJunky and TK Bay who, at last year’s Big Android Barbeque, generally treated this newbie as one of the accepted tech nerds that flock to this event.

And the guys and groups that have been interacting with me on Twitter like Juan Bagnell (SomeGadgetGuy) who’s book (Take Better Photos: Smartphone Photography for Noobs) I’m currently reading; Kevin The Tech Ninja; DroidModderX; Max Lee; rwilkco12; ScottJarmusTech of NUU Mobile; Swappa; Kofi Addi, and others (too many to name), who either take the time to send me messages, respond to my tweets or follow me, when I have yet to reach 100 followers. I find them all to be kind, gracious and helpful, so I wanted to acknowledge that.

I especially want to mention and thank NUU Mobile, who interacts with me on a daily basis on Twitter. For a mobile company that seemingly is starting to break through in the US market in a big way, I find it very magnanimous of them to take the time to notice me and respond to my constant puns. LOL.

Lastly, I want to thank the Bane Tech team for all of the support. Christopher Battle, Sachin Mistry, David DePino, Jimmy Jones, Adriene Berish, Anna Cumbow and Kai Spencer. Some of you I have not interacted with as yet, but thanks for being supportive of me and each other.

End of outpouring.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we sincerely hope you found it helpful and enjoyable! Please feel free to leave your thoughts down below in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to Bane Tech on YouTubeGoogle+Facebook, Twitter Instagram!


George Hayes

Married to my best friend since 1987. We have six grand-children and three great-grandchildren. Began writing for Bane-Tech August 2014, due to an ever-growing passion for mobile and Android in particular. Computer programmer 1981 to 2015. Currently retired. Active You Tuber (Mobile Geezer: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Google Plus - Sax player and singer in various bands (rock and R&R) since the mid 60's. Avid motorcycle rider (Gold Wing), bicyclist and exercise enthusiast. Extreme lover of driving and biking (motorcycle). The more thousand miles the trip, the happier I am as the driver. Dedicated, Bible-believing Christian who makes no judgments on others .