Rugged Tough Protective Case for the Moto X Pure Edition – OtterBox Defender Series Case Review

OtterBox has been one of the leading case companies for a long time now. For the most part, they are who other cases compare to in order to know if it can protect as good as OtterBox. I remember my first OtterBox case was for the Droid X that I actually won from an XDA forums contest back in the day. Since then I have owned quite a few more OtterBox cases. Personally I like the Commuter Series the best because I prefer not to have the built in screen protector. Regardless of my preference of style, any OtterBox case is going to protect your device very well. Let’s take a look at their Defender Series case for the Moto X Pure Edition. 


Installing the Defender case was not too difficult. The hardest part is taking off the hard shell. The process starts by peeling off the silicone layer, removing the hardshell by unclasping the joints, and then placing the phone in the case. Then reverse the removing process and you’re good to go.

Suggestion: Press the case with phone installed against your chest to help push out any air pockets between the screen and screen protector. This won’t alleviate all the air pocket, but will help. 


The Defender Series case comes with a built in screen protector, which is not a feature I particularly like. There seems to always be some sort of air pocket that takes away from the touch screen experience. I may be a little too picky when it comes to this preference because I don’t hear too many people complaining about it, but it is something that will make it less attractive to use if the air pocket is too much.


The buttons are not hard to press. Although there is a little more pressure needed to press the buttons compared to as if there were no button covers. The charging and headphone jack port covers fit snug, are not hard to open, and big enough to fit most headphone cables and charging cables. As a matter of fact if button covers make it hard to press the buttons I will not use the case. In this case (pun) the OtterBox Defender does a pretty good job of leaving the experience somewhat tactile.

Typing is another aspect that relates to the built in screen protector. Because of the small air pocket you have to put extra effort to press the screen. If you like to use keyboards with swiping actions, this poses a challenge as well. It’s not the end of the world, but at first could get on your nerves.


One of the reasons I like to use the Commuter Series case is because the hardshell is on the exterior and the silicone on the interior of the case. This allows the case to be more pocketable. Of course this factor depends on the kind of pockets you have. The tighter the pocket, the more resistance while pulling the phone in and out of your pocket. For me it was not that bad and for reference I normally wear khakis, slim jeans, and even some skinny jeans. Mind guys pockets are normally deeper than girls pockets.

The belt clip is very sturdy and I like how the clip rotation does not give off an obnoxious clicking noise when twisting it around. The clip can actually provide another level of protection. The belt clip itself is wide enough for most size belts including work belts.

Final Thoughts

If you can look past the air pocket between the screen and screen protector, the case is built very well. The hard shell snaps together flush, the seams between the silicone and hardshell come together nicely, and the case gives a sense of security. Keep in mind the level of protection you are seeking. If you need the toughest, you can’t go wrong with this case. If you want a little less bulk get the Commuter with a tempered glass screen protector.

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