Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAh USB C portable battery

USB C is definitely starting to make headway now and I don’t think it will slow down anytime soon. We were introduced to USB C earlier this year mainly with Apple’s implementation with the MacBook. OnePlus tried to claim the title of being the first to release a phone with USB C support. Most recently Google’s Nexus 5X and 6P now have USB C support. It’s probably safe to say that next year most flagship phones will have USB C ports. With that said, accessories are starting to rise up and I am glad to see Anker stepping up to the plate!


Anker has been one of the top companies to make great products to compliment our favorite phones and devices. There portable batteries are of the best you can buy. Thankfully they just released the new Anker PowerCore+ 20100 just in time for all us Nexus owners. Not too mention if you have a MacBook 2015 you can charge it up using this battery! That’s freakin’ awesome! Not many power banks like this can charge up a laptop!

ThePowerCore+ 20100 can charge up any device that connects via USB, Macbook 2015, and USB C devices. So that pretty much…well…covers everything. This one battery can support all your devices no matter what it is.

Being that USB C is so new I don’t have many cables laying around like I do with micro USB cables. Not only does thePowerCore+ 20100 come with a micro USB cable, it comes with a USB C cable too! This honestly makes my techie heart happy because I can now have a longer cable at home and work. That’s a big deal to me!


This is honestly such a must have battery! This is now my go-to portable battery because I can charge up my Nexus 6P on the go, not to mention any other devices I have.

Side note – I like the metal finish this time around. In the past their design was a gloss finish and was a big fingerprint magnet. Now the metal finish that is flat. So much better! Is it weird that I’m geeking out over a battery?

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