[Review] ​ AllDayMall A88T Pro

AllDayMall A88T Pro Review

I have used the A88T Pro by AllDayMall since a couple of days before Christmas. This is a budget Android tablet and will be reviewed as such. The A88T starts off right by shipping with Android 5.1 Lollipop. This is my first time using a device equipped with Lollipop and I was impressed. It also has a respectable amount of RAM and storage available. You can also add storage via micro SD. One issue I discovered immediately was its glossy back design. This tablet is a fingerprint magnet due to its glossiness. Durability doesn’t seem to be an issue though. I was surprised by how good the resolution looked. It actually has a better display than the Fire tablet.

AllDayMall knows this tablet is not a powerhouse and isn’t shy about lowering expectations accordingly. This tablet isn’t going to run as smooth as an iPad or a Galaxy branded tablet would. I experienced plenty of stutters when getting to intensive with apps. This tablet is perfect if you’re just consuming media on it though. That’s what made it perfect for my daughter to watch her YouTube Kids on. My daughter normally uses her Fire tablet but I had to root it just to load the Play Store on it. I enjoyed being able to install Google apps right out of the box this time.



  • CPU: Google Android 5.1 Lollipop, Quad Core
  • Screen: 7 inch IPS 1920*1200 HD Display
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: Built-in 16GB Flash
  • Camera: 2 MP Rear
  • Battery Life (Avg): 4 hours
  • Wireless: WiFi 802.11b/g/n


What’s in the Box:

  • Tablet
  • Wall Adapter
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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Overall this tablet did exactly what I thought it would. It is good for media consumption and not much else. Anything above watching a movie or YouTube video and performance will buckle. The included camera on the rear of the tablet is awful. I will include a sample picture I took with it. Its biggest strength is that is has a great Android OS already pre-installed. I would recommend this tablet to anyone who just needs a tablet for consuming media and basic tablet usage. Check out the ATT8 by clicking the link below.



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