My Theology Is Not Cookie Cutter.

I’m at a point in my life to which I am working out my faith. I’m not stuck on what I’ve been taught my whole life. I believe that if ones theology doesn’t change, that one is worshiping doctrine and not the Source.

I believe that if we are growing and growing closer to God that He reveals more of Himself to us, we learn more that we didn’t know and our understanding is shaken up. In the same breath I do want to say that some things will be set in stone and unchanging. But even then I think our understanding of the things set in stone can grow deeper, have new aspects revealed and application.

Personally, my “theology” is not cookie cutter. It is not based from the stereotypical groups that we assign to people. The more I get involved with my relationship with Christ I am really not worried about theology. It has become less of a focus in my life. I used to argue from the basis of a theological standpoint. Now I try to hear what the Holy Spirit for revelation, conviction and guidance. I can’t just accept men’s words.

I’ll be the first to say that I do not have it all figured out. I don’t. I so don’t. I am learning. I am developing.

I like to post my thoughts. I don’t post them to make a theological declaration. Simply things that are on my heart. Sometimes the statements are challenging. But they are not posted with the intent to argue. But if they stir you up, at that point before arguing. Work out your beliefs with the Holy Spirit and if you still feel so inclined to comment, feel free.

My opinions at times are not among popular opinion. That’s ok. I’ll work out my opinion with The Lord.

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