Theology vs. Jesus

“I can honestly say that I am less committed to my theology now than I was when I finished seminary, but I am more committed to the truth than I ever have been, because I have seen it set people free. Theology is out attempt to systematize truth. Frankly, my theology has changed as I have matured over the years; what has not changed is the truth.” – Dr. Neil Anderson

As I read this from my textbook reading for my Christian Counseling class this hit home because it reflects what is going on in my life as we speak. For years I based my faith from my theology. The last few years my theology has changed because my focus has my relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is the way, truth and life. Jesus reveals more to me than what man’s understanding can try to comprehend. I have learned that I must base my “theology” from the person of Jesus. Jesus did and said what the Father did and said, correct? So we must look at what Jesus did and not what he did NOT do. Jesus came to fulfill the Law. When he said “it is finished” it meant that IT was done, D-O-N-E. He closed the case and opened a new deal, covenant and pact with his people.

So what did Jesus do? He loved the Father and loved people. He healed the sick, told of the goodness of God, asked people to follow him, raised people from the dead, performed miracles  took care of the needy, showed mercy, demonstrated compassion, set his disciples up for success to succeed him when he leaves earth, the list goes on.

Let’s talk about what Jesus did not do. He did not send storms, disasters, disease, etc. Actually the Bible talks about how the earth was left in our charge. So if something bad happens, we are responsible. Stop blaming God. He gaves us the heads up through prophecy. We can change the course of history.

I believe that people who put their faith in theology are as lost just as much as the one who blatantly denies God. Each one has a one way ticket to Hell. To be blunt. I want the religious spirit BROKEN! I hate it. It is ALL about relationship with God. Pursue God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love others. Do those things and theology will work itself out. Focus on God. Not our own understanding.

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