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Honor 6X sweet meeting with Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Chinese-based company Huawei have been making great strides with their products, especially their smartphones and smartwatches. With this additions and improvements they plan to keep afloat in such a saturated market with other tech-giants including Samsung, Apple, LG, and many others. In their attempt to do so, Huawei planned on keep products cost-friendly, but at the same time using mid-high range specs. An exceptional chassis housed the phone’s interior. Even if that wasn’t enough,the Honor 6X will be receiving an update from the Chinese tech company. The new interface, EMUI 5.0 will hold a new version of Android 7.0 and many other new updates. Google’s latest version of Android, labeled as Nougat.. As a side note, all US carriers do not carry this device, with only AT&T and T-Mobile allowing activation on their networks.

As the Honor 6X is a well-built phone with many great specs inside and out but had a major flaw. The software used to run the phone itself, spoke about how budget-friendly the phone was, as the market price of this device starts at only $249.99. The software before was EMUI 4.1 which used Marshmallow and did not sit well with many Huawei phone users. However, the 5.0 implements many new features that should boast much better reviews, as it is the latest version.

Honor 6X

Honor 6X Design

Looking at the design aspect of the EMUI 5.0, Huawei did a marvelous job of creating a blue theme, which they used the look of the Aegean Sea as a reference which gives the display a crystal, crisp look. This is display is very sleek and elegant, especially with the addition of new animations. These range from your music player, charging the device and with the fingerprint scanner. The unlock screens also were made to look more unique and appealing when the phone is not in use.

For more benefits, Huawei also introduced a feature called App Drawer which is increases productivity, in addition to organization. I know I enjoy my phone to be neat and categorized. With many feedback coming back from users on the poor design on EMUI 4.1, Huawei made sure to hear these ideas and even chose to use some of them, one being how to switch between multiple users. You are now able to switch between different users without even unlocking the phone itself. The design was a much needed upgraded and the phone benefited from this update tremendously, this look will attract new users and keep old ones sticking with the company.

Honor 6X


Not only did the design of the phone improved, the performance exponentially increased and the Honor 6X felt like a whole new phone. During the beta stage, Huawei was able to work on app launch times, file access speeds and rendering speeds of the graphics. During the optimization, there was an 80% intensification in performance which is more than enough for someone to know the difference while using a device after the update.


Another major issue worked on and changed was the security aspect, as our world today is using technology a great deal more it is always a good thing to have safety and peace of mind when talking on the phone, browsing, whatever it may be. The main features presented are a private space, SMS security and the ability to turn off location services.

Let’s begin with the new feature called private space. This space, only accessed by the user’s fingerprint(s), will provide extra security for personal data. This added security will allow people to keep hidden stuff on another directory in a sense. Another way to access is 3D fingerprint which is a more secure biometric.

Next, the SMS security feature. We all have received spam emails, now we are beginning to receive spam text messages. Messaging apps will be scanned for any links that are not secure.  This will avoid phishing schemes, trojan horses, viruses and the long list of bad things people are trying to accomplish.

Lastly, with a simple touch of a button, you are able to turn off the GPS signal. This can avoid apps locating the position and displaying your coordinates on your certain apps.



As reviewed, the EMUI 5.0 is a massive improvement to previous models, and is recommended to all users. Although, there was still continued flaws after the update. The most seen flaw is the knuckle gestures. However, this feature can be disabled. The update should be available sometime in the month of May. The update can be found by clicking Check for Update through the About Phone under Settings.

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