Phones we’re still looking for – 2nd half of 2017

Continuing last week’s theme, here are some of the phones we’re expecting in the second half of the year.

The Honor 9, successor to last year’s Honor 8, is expected to be released in July.  Huawei seems to have a good thing going, having split off the Honor line in 2016 with a lot of the success due to the Honor 8. That was a solid, glass-body device, which brought quite a bit of praise from the tech community. Until the release of this device, many reviewers highly disliked the EMUI operating system. But with the release of EMUI 5.0, starting with the Honor 8 and continuing with the Huawei Mate 9, a lot of minds seems to have changed. I currently use the Mate 9 and have nothing but good/great things to say about it. Keep in mind that I had no experience with previous EMUI versions. There have been no great leaks regarding the Honor 9 as yet, but it is expected to continue what was started by the Honor 8 and the more recent Honor 8 Pro. And that’s a good thing.

Of course, each year Samsung gets a lot of traction and press with the Note releases. This year’s Galaxy Note 8 (at least, that’s the expected name) will certainly generate even more, considering the Note 7 fiasco that went on for many months. The Note devices are always the top of the line standouts from Samsung with the S Pen and the many useful and productive software tricks that are packed into it. The Korean giant is really expected to “bring it” this Summer, as it absolutely must purge the Note 7 memories from the public mind. If the Galaxy Note 8 remains true to form, it should be very similar to the S8, but with the style, design and panache that is expected in the world’s best phablet. Many of us are looking for the dual cameras that were left out of the Galaxy S8. C’mon Sammy, dazzle us!

Now, let’s look at the final quarter of the year.

Many will be anticipating the LG V30 announcement, though a bit of time may pass before we can actually get it in hand. The LG V20 was a somewhat controversial, but successful offering from LG last year, that some absolutely loved and others panned. Large screen, great dual cameras and that secondary display on top are all expected to still be in the mix. Let’s see who mimics LG’s design this time around.

For me, the greatest expectation is reserved for the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2. Still the best phone of 2016 in my view, which has gone from being my daily driver to now being my wife’s. Yes, we all hope for a more eye-pleasing design and a camera with no lens flare, but don’t expect them to be more pocket-friendly, when they’re already rumored to be adding water resistance and a curved display. Either way, I consider it an absolute must have.

Finally, if things are ordered the way they were in 2016, the final flagship of the year should be the Huawei Mate 10. Though the device was not released for public consumption until January of this year, it was announced in November. As one who purchased the phone as soon as I returned from my hands-on CES, I can tell you that I’m still in love with the Mate 9. None of the Mate 10 specs are known as yet, but hopefully Huawei will continue with the beautiful display and great dual, Leica-branded cameras in a large, but well-designed device.

If you’re like me, you’ll be saving your pennies and anxiously looking forward to the rest of the releases coming this year.

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Source: Android Authority

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