EasySMX S3; Stereo Gaming Headset

As PC and console gaming has been expanding with new titles and new features, the need for headphones has also increased. While gaming, players must be able to hear the game and their surroundings. Also, they will need to communicate if they are playing or competing with a team. These needs will rely heavy on gaming headsets. There is a wide variety of them on the market, ranging from $10 bucks all the way up to $300. Each one has its own different designs, features and sounding. We were privileged enough to review and test out a pair. EasySMX, a tech company based in China, sent us a pair of their headsets. This model was the EasySMX S3, which is a gaming headset for the PC/PS4.

EasySMX S3


While viewing the box of the EasySMX S3, we noticed the specs listed on the box. This was very useful as time was saved searching for the specifications through a search. Also, they display pictures describing different button functions on the headphones. After glancing over the box, we opened the package up to view the inside contents. There was limited packaging inside,  a plastic shell to hold the headphones then a plastic bag to hold the other items together. The contents included the S3 headset, user manual and a 2-in-1 Audio cable.  Removing everything was nice and easy, there was not wasteful plastic.

EasySMX S3

EasySMX S3 Pricing

Looking on the pricing aspect of these headphones, there are currently on sale for $28.99 on Amazon. Easily available in the United States, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. EasySMX’s website only has the listing on Amazon in these six countries.


The design of the S3 is somewhat expected at the price range. There is not much difference from other headphones, but it does give you a better feel than many other cheap headphones. EasySMX included earmuffs that are decent in quality to provide some comfort for long gaming sessions. The microphone is adjustable, allowing to move it away from your face or closer. On top of the headphones are cheaply made connectors, that might break easily.

On the other hand, the headphones are not adjustable to help fit the size of your head. When wearing these, I felt they were pretty large. I used for them for a 2 hour session of playing Shadows of Mordor on my PC, they felt fine for this session, but would be a nuisance for anything more. This could be due to my smaller head, so each person’s range could vary.

EasySMX S3


The audio on these headphones were pretty solid considering the price, I was very amazed at some sounds produced when playing Shadows of Mordor. Besides gaming, I listened to a few songs to feel the bass and non-gaming aspect. The two songs used for this testing was Humble by Kendrick Lamar and Everybody by Logic. The output was quite decent and I could hear some bass in the song. The listed response of the frequency is in the 20Hz-20Khz range. This is not one of the highest range featured in gaming headphones, but those usually cost more than $40-60 extra. You are definitely getting what you paid for.

The interface used is USB so setting up is not too hard for users. The length of the USB is roughly 2m, and EasySMX used a braided type cable to help protect it for long time use. There are two functions on the side of the headphones to adjust volume and turn on or off the vibration function. This vibration is kind of low, but still can be felt.

EasySMX S3


The EasySMX S3 is a decent entry-level gaming headset as you get quite a few functionalities. The build quality shows the price range as the headphones are not the sturdiest. All in all, these headphones are pretty great for bargain hunters, children who enjoy gaming or consumers who need decent stereo headphones. Not suited for any of you audiophiles out there.

With the pretty budget price tag, I would recommend these a smart buy. You can also buy these a backup for your main drivers or even for travel/laptop gaming.


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