High Sierra

Apple announces High Sierra with refreshed MacBook Pro, iMac

WWDC has returned to San Jose today and there has been major introductions of new OS regarding Apple’s watches, phones and for their computers. The WWDC, WorldWide Developers Conference which has been held by Apple since the late 1980’s, has been used as a platform for showcasing many of the new updates, products, and much more. The MacOS for Apple-made products, iMacs, and the Macbook line-up will receive a new OS. This will receive a similar name from the latest OS, as it is code named High Sierra. The release dates are as followed; today for all developers, July for a public beta. Lastly, a full release will be in the Autumn. Apple has stated all machines currently on Sierra, will be able to upgrade to newer OS.

High Sierra


New Features

The new OS will have many new aspects that will definitely innovate the computers released by Apple earlier today. Many areas have been improved upon to ensure a better experience. Starting with Safari, the main web browser featured on MacOS. This will now feature a blocking of auto playing, that will prohibit any video or ad to produce sound, unless accessed by the user. Apple did benchmarks comparing their Safari to other browsers and Safari appeared to “crush” them. Next, we look at the new file system which Apple has called APFS(Apple File System). This has replaced the older AFS. Lastly, the Mail application has been worked on and will now use 35% less disk space. Also, will allow for top hits split screen.

The design is also being tuned up, with Siri getting a new icon on High Sierra. Apple will begin to use Metal 2 for all their graphical work, especially machine learning. The new adiitions coming from the newer model of Metal is use of external graphics and VR. These new implementations will end the discussion of Windows-based allowing VR while Apple cannot. Still looking at applications, there will now be face recognition through Photos on all Apple devices.

Hardware Upgrades for High Sierra

With the showcasing of High Sierra, Apple also improved on the hardware featured under the hood. There will be a refresh of the 12-inch Macbook with the MacBook Pro, both the 13-inch and the 15-inch. As of this article both are available, but the 15-inch is showing some signs of delay of ship time.  The biggest additions being faster SSDs, the new Intel series Kaby Lake, and lastly the new AMD 500 series(15-Inch Models). Kaby Lake features higher base and turbo frequencies with lower power usage. The latest AMD cards will be needed when utilizing the almighty VR, which will feature Steam VR as well. There has also been a release of a new base model with a price tag of 1299, this will feature Kaby Lake dual-core, 8GB 2133Mhz LPDDR3 memory, and 128 storage.

Moving on to the iMac,  another a product that received a fine tune up. A whopping $5k machine has been released and set to be fully packed with a Eighteen-core Xeon, as well as 5K screen with a new Vega card from AMD’s latest line of graphics. These units have been reported to ship out this December and plan to replace the aging Mac Pro, referred to as the “trash can”.

High Sierra

Final Thought

Apple continues to bring innovating ideas to the world of computing each year. The new Macbook and MacBook Pro will be the standard once again on college campus, as they compete with Microsoft. WWDC will continue to go on until June 9th, and Bane Tech will keep everyone updated with new events occurring.


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