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Power Share: A revolutionary station for monitors

New tech is always being dropped and it keeps easing our lives. I had the chance to use one of these life-altering items. Power Share Revolution Station, which is a monitor stand with additional features. This stand is more than just a monitor holder. It has the ability to rotate and much more, as this will be discussed later on in the article. I was bit hesitant on the product, but have no more doubts after completely experiencing its potential. This might not be the “coolest” gadgets to get, however it has a lot of productivity ability.

The device can help a daily office worker to provide easiness to transfer files, charge devices and swivel their monitor. In addition, it can assist those who use laptops with an external monitor. Laptops are not always fully loaded with USB ports, this can extend your use of flash drives and charging. This article will go over the uses, as well as the specifications of the product which is not too well-known.Power Share


Looking inside the box, we received the stand, product manual, a USB-to-USB and lastly, a power cord. Each item was stored great and I had no issues setting the device up. Looking at the item itself, we see on the front four(4) USB 2.0 ports, and on the back is one more USB 2.0, with the power jack. The design is very simple and clean, the product is not very heavy at all and sits at 12″. Although, you are given the power supply and USB cable, they are not required to rotate the device. If this path is chosen, the USB ports will not be active.

I was able to fit my 27″ Acer monitor on the Power Share without any issues, from there it was a simple USB connection to my desktop, and a plug-in to the power jack. Using the Power Share, I was able to easily rotate my monitor to play the new Injustice 2 with my friend, as well as charge both of our devices. The rotation was smooth and did not affect the monitor at all. When I needed to upload documents for my online class, I just inserted a flash drive to the Power Share and presto, my device’s folders showed up. The highest rate of data transfer is currently 480Mbps.Power Share

Power Share Pros & Cons

After using the device and seeing its abilities for about a day or so, I felt I was very confident to assess the good and bad about the Power Share. Although there was not much to compare against, the product does provide an easier way to share monitors while working with groups, showing family, and other situations. With the featured four USB ports, life is made easy to connect all your devices. These USB ports can also save time and effort reaching to a desktop and sometimes behind it. This helps in my case, as my tower is under my desk.

This product certainly has many good to it, but I did some encounter some minor items. These can definitely be improved upon, if there is a second version or a premium one. The first one being the lack of USB 3.0 as transferring over large data can be quite long. The addition of just two would be ideal, these would be for transferring and the rest for charging. Lastly, while the rotation aspect is nice, a raising feature would be great. The ability to raise a certain monitor to a comfortable height would benefit many of users who sit at desks. This will avoid neck strain and other injuries.Power Share

Our Decision

We can tell the Power Share can do many of things to assist daily productivity. The market for monitor stands is not very saturated with many options like the one reviewed. This is a very good choice if you need more USB ports, as well as a stand for your monitor. Though if you are looking for just more USB ports, a hub will do the trick. There is no word for a new model releasing, and this may not be any time soon.

My latest video gives a more in-depth review of the Power Share, and shows the product in use.

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