elago W Stand (natural wood) for iPhone 5, ipad Mini (Angle support for FaceTime)

elago now offers a new edition to their stand line up. This little guy is called the ‘W’ Stand for the iPhone 5 & iPad mini. Don’t let the size fool ya, it packs a few practical uses almost any device user can use. The stand is made from all natural wood and is designed with perfect cutouts for the designated devices. The color is a lighter shade of brown and glazed over with a semi-gloss finish.

The stand has two cutouts which are two different sizes giving you different angles when a device is placed in the hole. The device can be laid horizontally or vertically. While in the horizontal position you could use the stand for viewing movies, watching videos, desk clock, alarm clock or a charging station. The vertical postion is perfect for Facetime/video chats.


The stand is specifically developed for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, but that didn’t stop me from trying out other combinations to really put the stand to the test. If you are like me, I own a few different models of devices all of which include the iPhone 5, iPad mini and the fresh Galaxy S4 (other devices will remain anonymous).

I placed the iPhone 5, iPad mini and Galaxy S4 with and without cases in the stand, all devices and angles worked great. Although when thicker cases (like the elago Glide case) are installed it pushes the device to stand at a 90 degree angle which will not support the nice view for video chats. The Outfit Matrix case made by elago  worked well with the iPhone 5 for video chat angles and the A4 mini iPad mini case allowed a nice viewing angle as well. Lastly, I installed the Slim Fit case for the Galaxy S4 and put the angle at 90 degrees. If any of the devices with cases were in the horizontal postion the stand would still male a great charging station, even without the video chat angle.


This is a great little stand that gives a new experience for your iPhone 5 and iPad mini. I love that fact that I can have a case installed and still use the stand. Another factor I like about the wood material is that it will be less likely to scratch a device or case upon contact against the stand and device or case. If you like to match all your device accessories, I think elago is the way to go. Great looking and functional accessories for your devices.

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