CruzerLite BugDroid EXO Shield Case Review

CruzerLite introduces the next generation of their two layer polycarbonate and TPU case The Bugdroid EXO Shield. It’s predecessor was the Spi-Force Case. The new edition is a total redesign and CruzerLiteDSC03537 took in account of customers feedback. This is a customizable case with color options. The EXO skeleton is interchangeable allowing you to personalize the colors how you want the case to look. I have black, red and white color combinations. Personally red, black and white is one of my favorite color combinations.

The two layers will give you more than what the typical CruzerLite case will give you. The inner skin is the TPU material and the outer shell is the polycarbonate material. Both layers are made to absorb shock and protect against scratches.


The installation is rather simple, but I recommend taking off the EXO layer and install the TPU skin first, then place the EXO back on. While I was installing this case I did discover that sometimes the top corners would give me fits and took a little extra effort to fit the cases over the edge like it should look like. Once the installation is complete you will notice that the case is a nice tight fit.

All ports and buttons are fully accessible. I had no issue pressing the volume controls or power button. The camera, usb and microphone cutouts are precise. The groves for the EXO Shield fit really nice in their respective slots.


Overall I really like this new design and gives off a nice Android swag/pride look. I like the Andy bugs on the ribs of the EXO Shield. This case definitely is a step up from the Spi-Force. The Spi-Force had many look-a-likes and now with the EXO Shield this case yells Cruzerlite and Android!

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