elago A4 mini case for the iPad mini

Elago designs some of the best accessories I have put my hands on for devices. On a weekly basis I am impressed with the elegant photos/graphics on their website and social media accounts. It seems as if Elago puts forth an effort to professionally present their product for their customers. What makes their design work pay off is the products look great too! To top things off it’s not just about looks, their products compliment our devices with functionality, protection and extra attention to detail all the way from the packaging to the product itself.


When I received the A4 mini case I was once again not disappointed whatsoever. The packaging is a nice presentation and protective for shipping. I was excited to get the package opened and install the case on my iPad mini. For this review I have the Soft Feeling Green A4 mini case. Lately, bright green, Android green or however you would like to call has been the color I have been diggin. The color looks great on the black iPad mini and I am sure the white iPad mini would like fine too! Elago has matching cases to match all the Apple Smart Covers.

The cutouts are perfect. I was particularly impressed with the back camera cutout. The cutout looks like it is part of the iPad. The volume controls have a precise and is easy to access. It is not too small or too big. The top and bottom edges are left exposed but the case slightly hangs over the edge. The left side is left open for the Smart Cover installment.


One of the benefits that an open edge on the top and especially the bottom is full access to all ports. Additional accessories such as adapters, docks and stands require open access to the charging and audio ports. The A4 mini is designed to play nice with accessories. This case which is design specifically as a companion with the Apple Smart Cover works perfectly with it. No issues at all. Everything lines up great and acts as if it was designed together.

Protection is an important part of your investment and Elago doesn’t fall short in this department. This material is made of a durable thin shell. They also include a coating of polyurethane that resists against scratches, oils, dirt and dust. I also discovered that my fingers were not leaving fingerprint marks. This case should be looking good all the time thanks to the special treatment Elago builds right into the A4 mini.

If you couldn’t tell I am impressed with the A4 mini then let me just simply say that if you are looking for a case to partner with your Apple Smart Cover this is the case for you. You can’t go wrong. If green ain’t the color for you there are plenty to choose from.

Check out the video review and picture gallery.

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