elago Slim Fit case for the Galaxy S4

The elago Slim Fit series carries over to the new Samsung Galaxy S4. If you follow elago’s product line, the Slim Fit has covered the latest and greatest devices on the market today. Not only does it cover the GS4, but it is available for the GS3, Note 2, iPhone 5 and other devices.

The Slim Fit is molded to fit the GS4 perfectly and designed to compliment the GS4 without adding bulk or excess. The beauty of the Slim Fit is that the material is actually really durable but remains thin. Before installing the case I tested the flexibility and I was impressed of how thin and sturdy the case was.


The surface of the case is smooth but not slippery with a gloss finish. This white color actually matches the phone quite well. It just about feels like it is part of the phone itself. If the top and bottom edges were covered by the Slim Fit, I might have been fooled at first glance thinking the case was part of the phone. One of the neat things elago does with their cases is they design the cases with a special coating which helps reduces smudges, oils and dirt. Meaning it is easy to clean off, but still reduces the look of residues on the case.

As far as protection goes, the Slim Fit will guard the GS4 against bumps, scrapes, scratches and decent drops. Because the top and bottom edges are left exposed, it increases the chance for a blemish to appear. The case is raised above the phone’s screen giving the ability to rest the phone face down on a flat smooth surface. The benefit of having the bottom edge exposed is the availability to use other accessories such as docks and mounts.


The cutouts are about the best if not the best I have seen on a case. The cutouts are very precise! The camera and LED light have the cutout for a case. I am impressed with the attention to detail for the Slim Fit.

If you are looking for a thin, protective, stylish case that compliments the Galaxy S4, I believe you will be impressed with the elago Slim Fit case.

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