elago Glide case for the iPhone 5

The elago Glide case is a unique case option. The Glide has been in the family for other devices and is now available for the iPhone 5. This is a slim case that is protective and stylish. There are tons of colors and mix/match options to choose from. Elago makes their cases with a special coating that helps protect not only the phone but the case from scratches and scrapes. The coating also helps resist oils, dirt, dust and residue. The case looks great and protects.


The case is raised above the screen so you have the trust the case will protect the screen if the the phone is placed down on a flat smooth surface. One of the things that I like about this case is every edge is protected. I like to have each corner and edge covered so there is less of a chance of a scratch to happen.

This case even though raised above the screen still remains thin. This is not a bulky case at all. The material and surface is smooth which makes it pocketable. Pocketable cases are important to me because I place the phone in my pocket all the time. I rarely ever use a holster or bag to store my phone.


The main feature for the Glide is the ability to swap out the bottoms. There are many color combinations to choose from leaving you an array of possibilities to customize your phone just the way you want it. You could create a combination that compliments your favorite sports team, school or association. If you like to match your wardrobe, you’re in luck.

Check out the photo gallery and the video for a closer look at the Glider case. You can get your case at the Bane Tech Amazon Store or head over to elagostore.com.

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