Create the perfect crispy pan shot with Motrr Galileo

The Motrr Galileo gives you the perfect opportunity to give you the perfect pan shot while recording videos. The Motrr Galileo is a cool product idea that opens up opportunities to let your creative juices flow. If you struggle with having crispy video shots because you don’t have a fluid-head tripod or shaking hands at that, this gadget could really help solve those problems; well that’s if you have an iPhone 6 or GoPro.

While the Motrr Galileo is a neat idea, it does however limit what devices you can use with it. The kit only comes with an iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and GoPro adapter. If you are using Android you are SOL for now. Hopefully they will open this up for more devices. All they have to do is make a universal mount similar to what selfie sticks come with and problem solved. Although there needs to be an Android app as well.

Aside from from limited device support and no Android support; this gadget works really well and is a great tool for those wanting to shoot remarkable time lapse video, FaceTime, Skype, or Hangouts with Motrr Galileo.

Remote Control Video Chat with Galileo + Golem from Motrr on Vimeo.

Setup was not as painless as I wanted it to be. I just about sent it back to SproutUp and let someone else figure the thing out. Turns out the battery was not charged enough and because of the low battery the Galileo had trouble connecting to my iPad mini. Once I got it to connect it worked just fine. Another confusing part about the experience was the app. The app’s menu starts with a menu of compatible apps that are supposed to work with the device. However, most of the apps were to rich for my blood or at least too much to spend for just testing purposes. I did download the DMD Panoramic app, which was $1.99. To make matters worse I could not figure out how to get it to work. So not only time wasted, but my money.

Another tricky part was using my action camera. The GoPro adapter actually fits my action camera just like it would with the GoPro, but there are selection/volume button on the side of my action camera. When the adapter’s sides are pressed down, the buttons end up being squeezed causing the camera to zoom in. Not too mention while the selection buttons are pressed down it isn’t possible to press record, which is a vital part of, well, capturing content. There seemed to be no way to use the Galileo with a normal shot in my situation. I was bummed!

Even though the shots are zoomed in there is one way to still capture some footage. Basically, press record before placing in the adapter. The camera will still zoom in though. Mind that if you have a GoPro, iPhone 5/6 you will not experience much of any of the problems I faced.

The app does have some pretty cool ways to get those perfect crispy shots though. The two options you have are using a joy stick or d-pad. The joy stick lets you have complete control over the Galileo. The d-pad does let you control most of the movements. Personally, I like the d-pad the most. It is the option to give you the smoothest pan shots. Watch the video to see an example of how the two controls work.


Overall, this is a really cool gadget. I wish I had the supported devices to be able to take advantage of the sweet features of the Galileo. Unfortunately, I was not able to experience the full potential of this device. If have either of the iPhones or a GoPro this is definitely something you check out!

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