World’s smallest drone review

Drones are becoming popular these days. I am no expert by any means and I am quite thankful to start out on such a small unit because I can’t afford to repair a professional size drone. Nevertheless this tiny drone is still a lot of fun!

One of the great things about this little guy is there is hardly any setup involved. Basically charge up the battery with the provided usb cable, turn on the drone and the remote, and you’re good to take off. Not much to it!

I’ve only had experience with three types of drone and the other two are just small drones at that. Out of the three I have used, this small guy was actually the easiest to fly and control. Again I am no expert and I need a lot more practice. Regardless, this was the easiest for me to keep in the air. I do recommend flying this on a non-windy day as this can get carried by the wind quite easily.

mini drone 1

Best of all this is so compact you can carry it anywhere, have a moment, bust it out and fly away for a few minutes. This drone would be a perfect stocking stuffer as well. Check out the video footage to see it in action, just keep in mind I am not the best at flying these things!

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