CaseCrown Omni Case (Gray) for Apple iPad Mini (Built-in magnetic sleep / wake feature)

One of the first accessories I bought for my iPad mini was the Apple Smart Cover. Great little cover but obviously lacks protection for the back. The new design of the iPad has the aluminum back and can scratch very easy. Thus the need for a back protector along with something to pamper the front screen. CaseCrown makes a case that does both and still keeps the Apple Smart Cover look and design. Matter of fact the Smart Cover part looks almost exactly alike, with only minor differences in shape. But again, CaseCrown adds on the back cover for great protection.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 1.54.50 PM

As stated above the two cases compare well with each other as far as the Smart Cover is concerned and the back provides protection. Installation was really easy. Rather than hearing the case snap in place, you feel it snap. The fit is nice and snug, leaving assurance the case will not fall out or the edge of the case wiggle off.

The case is very thin and keeps the slim profile of the iPad mini. The back seems pretty tough and the edges are reinforced with a little extra love. I really like corner protection because many drops occur on the corners of a device. All buttons and ports are accessible.


You’re gonna get all the same functions as the Smart Cover such as the viewing angles while folding the Smart Cover back. One angle is at a typing stance and the other props up for viewing videos or makes for a nice display for photos and presentations.

If I could do it all over again, this would have been the case to go after versus Apple’s half protected front side cover. CaseCrown makes a nice, protective, stylish and thin front and back case/cover for the iPad mini. My favorite features that stand out to me is the thin profile and the similar design as the Apple Smart Cover.

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