CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

The CoolStream Bluetooth audio receiver is an easy way to listen to your music without the need of placing your device on a speaker dock, only to leave it stationary. This little guy basically just sits on the 30-pin dock connector and lets you carry your device around within aprox 30 feet from the dock. This allows you to check messages, change your music or answer a call without messing with wires or pulling off the device just to perform a simple task.

One of the major benefits of the receiver is that if you change from, let’s say, an iPhone 4S to the new iPhone 5s (or even Android device), you don’t have to find a new speaker dock. You still have the ability to listen to music with your current speaker dock. That’s a big money saver!

There are not nearly as many speaker docks with a mini-usb connection Android devices use, like the 30-pin docks out there. There are still not many lightening connecter docks either. Not too mention is you’re in the market to buy a speaker dock, you can go for a 30-pin dock versus a more expensive lightening or mini-usb connection.

Two draw backs that I found with CoolStream’s receiver is that you can only have one device connected at a time. That’s not a deal breaker, but would be a great feature. The other draw back is that while the CoolStream receiver is docked, you cannot use the dock as a charger. You will still need to use a separate charging source if needed. Again, not a deal breaker, but it is something to consider.

Overall, this is a great little accessory that can indeed enhance your device experience. Listen to music wirelessly, no tangled wired messes and easy setup.

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