God of the Underdog – “I’m not qualified.”

Your testimony is your story. Not necessarily what you say in n front of people.

The banquet is not just for us. It’s for the down and out. The blind. The wrecked. It’s about what is God doing through me. Think of somebody that is dying for a crumb off the table of His table.

In His presence things change.

Good of the Underdog : David
‘I’m not qualified”

1 Samuel 16
The Lord looks at the heart and not at the outside presentation
What’s the last challenge God had given you? God has called us to do something for him. Step out and use your talents and gifts. God’s purpose and calling always has something to do with people.

What Saul are you dealing with? It’s time to do something new or redo something in your heart. Allow Him to go deeper with you. God doesn’t ever have a boring plan for you. He wants to do something new in us.

God wants us to get in a place where we can get full first. God told Samuel to fill his flask first. Then go out. God wants us to be refilled. Renew us.

Samuel was scared of Saul. Saul had some anger issues, had people killed and more crazy things. Delayed obedience is disobedience.

There is a temptation that we each walk-through concerning if we are qualified or ready.

When God calls us to do something new, it will require change. Some of us engineer God’s calling on our life. Too much thinking. Sometimes there is simply uncertainty. We have to trust and obey. There is evidence of things unseen. God sets us up for success.

Gods plan is different than ours. God will put you in front of people and places you don’t know. God has his own timing. In today’s culture we want things done now.

What I say determines our direction. A small rutter turns a big ship.

There will always be non believers in the path of the purpose of your life. David’s dad didn’t believe in him. He presented all of his sons before Samuel asked if it was all of his sons. But David was in the field tending the sheep. Jesse said there is still David.

There is still a God bigger than all the nay sayers.

God always chooses the underdog to change the world. Some people will say that they don’t have a testimony. How lost do you have to be to need a savior? God can use anyone. Just need to be willing. God can use you. We can’t do anything without God. That makes us an underdog. We can’t stand against the powers of evil without God.

How do you view yourself?


Message by: Pastor Stacy Turney

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