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Best iPad Teleprompter under $200?

GVM iPad Teleprompter Review for tablets and smartphones. Here is my experience with the GVM Teleprompter.

  • TQ-M Teleprompter with iPad, smartphone and Can install SLR, camcorder, digital camera, DV machine, etc. supports up to 10.5″ tablets, Designed for small- to mid-sized cameras. Adopt Solid Aluminum Construction is strong and sturdy. Apply to 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tripod-mount threads,Easy to use without assembly.
  • iOS/Android GVM prompting app with adjustable font size, Teleprompter kit adjustable playback speed, and background color,Bluetooth remote control with scroll speed and scroll start/stop controls.
  • The Teleprompter mirror plane adopts a colorless beam splitter, and the surface is a multi-layer dielectric coating (hard film), no light loss, suitably equipped with various high-definition lenses, ultra-wide viewing angle design, the prompter document display is clear, no ghosting.
  • Teleprompter featured with standard beamsplitter allows you to clearly read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera, perfect for a vlog, YouTube live broadcast, online class, video recording, interviews, video studio, news, and presentation. No need to recite the script!
  • [List and 100% Guarantee]1Mirror screen+1Camera stand+1Tablet clip+1Phone clip+1Light shield+1 Hexagonal wrench+1 1/4 screw+ 1 3/8 screw+1Bluetooth remote control+1User Manual.If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will provide the best solution within 24 hours.

First of all, thanks to GVM for providing this product to me for review. The purchase link is below along with the subscription button and follow links.

Alright, so…This whole video I am reading from the teleprompter. What I want to cover in this video are a few things.

First, what I look for out of a teleprompter experience.

  • How I plan to use it
  • Ease of use
  • How to operate it
  • Things I would change
  • What I like

I try to keep things as simple as I can, so let us dive in.

For the longest time, I was not a fan of teleprompters because it always seemed like you could tell someone was reading off a screen by seeing their eyes move around or looking away from the lens of the camera.

So that is what I want you to look out for while watching this video. Are my eyes moving a lot?

Setup was pretty easy. You have to screw a few things in, place the camera on the mount (I like to use a quick release plate, so I installed it on the teleprompter mount), download the app, link up the remote, load a document, set your speed and font size, then start recording.

The remote is really simple. There are two buttons and all the only functions are to pause and play. That’s it.

Personally, I like to have more function than to just stop and go. I have another teleprompter remote for another teleprompter set up and the remote allows me to change speed and font size, jump to the top of the page or section, and of course pause and play.

Lastly about the remote, the thing clicks too loud. The noise shows up in the audio recordings. I do like the size and it’s easy to conceal in my hand while recording myself.

The in-app settings are easy and user-friendly.

Simply load the document into the prompter, adjust the size, speed, background color, and mirror mode, and you’re going to go.

I do think the font size needs to be able to make bigger than the current max size. From my experience the bigger the font, the better. You see less eye movement because you can keep the eyes centered aimed at the camera lens vs the eyes going from one edge of the screen to the other side.

The adjustments are easy to make to position the camera or tablet. All you have to do is twist the lever to tighten and loosen the mounts.

The kit comes with a tablet and smartphone mount. I use a 12.9” iPad Pro 2020 model. I like to keep the iPad in a case. The tablet mount stretches enough to hold my iPad with a case in place. The mount though is designed to embrace from one corner to the other, but for a smaller size tablet.

I have a smaller Android tablet that I can use with this teleprompter as well. For now, the iPad works for me.

I do like the minimal setup. There are not many parts to worry about. However, I would like to have this collapse down without having to unscrew everything.

Also, there is no case other than the box with foam cutouts that it comes in. I would prefer a better case for storage and transportation.

Other things I like about this GVM teleprompter include

  • The size of the mirror screen
  • Can use the other side of the mounting brace for a monitor
  • The lens wrap to avoid glare or light leakage
  • No branding tramp stamps.

Other things I would change

  • Improve the app settings for font size
  • Quiet remote with more functions
  • Ability to tilt the screen
  • Not have to use a tool to put together

Well, I think that about wraps up my review about this GVM teleprompter.

Overall, it’s a great product and I would recommend it for those looking for a low-budget option. There are some minor improvements that could be made. But this will definitely get the job done and I can use this for my professional videography company.

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