GVM light

5 Reasons To Buy A LED Video Light Wand

5 Reasons to get a tube light. 

GVM light

In this post I want to go over 5 reasons why you should buy a tube light for your photography and videography. First of all, thanks to GVM for providing this tube light to be able to demonstrate why every photographer, videographer…can we just say votographer? 

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Anyways, I’ve been using this light for a few weeks and I’ve been able to use it for a few projects. It’s become a great tool for various types of projects. 

In no particular order of importance, let’s go over 5 reasons to get a tube light. 

1 – My favorite use of the light is for interview hair/backlights. 

It’s a great way to create that separation between the subject and background. This GVM light lets your change the temperature and colors to work with the creative look you want. 

2 – Uses Sony batteries that most of us have already.

I have another tube light. I like it, but I am hesitant to use it because of the internal battery that does not last long. I was in the middle of an interview and the light died. I was able to gaff tape a power bank to the c stand arm and get it working again, but that’s not really convenient. I’ve used this light for multiple shoots and the light didn’t need to recharge each time. The included battery and charger has been great! 

You can also plug in a power source if you don’t want to use batteries. 

3 – Mounting points.

There are mounting points on both ends which makes it easy to place on a ball head, light stand, etc. 

4 – Product photography and videography.

We work on monthly promo photos and videos for a local club. We added the light for a backlight, but this time we had fun with rotating the light around the product for the videos to create a cool lighting effect. 

We also used the light for another product promo project with exercise grips. 

5 – Many modes in one light.

You can create different looks and effects with daylight, RGB, police, lightning, etc. It’s just a great tool to have in your gear bag for so many applications. 

What are some other ways you could see yourself using this light? Let me know in the comments. 

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