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Windows 10 -2

Back on June 1st, I reported on the July 29th release date of Windows 10. But, I have yet to mention MY experience with the new OS. You can check out the articles on Windows 10 from Bane Tech below. But, I thought it was time that I gave my impressions of the two times that I actually used it as a Windows 10 insider. This is strictly a user experience, quick thoughts type of article.

I first installed it at the end of January, this year. I must say that I immediately liked it and found it better than 8 or 8.1. You’re probably reacting with, “That’s not saying much” but, I did find it to be almost pleasurable after the others. In my mind, Windows 10 is a very smooth collaboration of Windows 7 and 8 (or 8.1, if you will). On the one hand, the ‘real’ Start menu button returned and, if you are really enamored with the Windows 7 build, you can become comfortable once more. But, If the tiles and Windows 8(+) are more your style, you will feel right at home. Switching from one to the other is a simple mouse click and you can also move windows around and resize them almost at will, so you should be able to configure the experience to your liking.


The only reason that I uninstalled and went back to Windows 8.1, which was very easy BTW, was that I could not log into work through Citrix. I hunted up a number of solutions to that problem, both from Citrix’s web site and others who had the problem, but I could never get my work login to complete. In April, I tried again with the same result. But again, I found the user experience quite good and used Windows 10 for about two weeks.


Keeping in mind that Windows 10 is meant to integrate the OS experience across all platforms, including PCs, tablets and mobile phones, while having great Xbox features built in. The new system should be wonderful to use, when jumping from one type of hardware to another.

I expect to have a new personal computer for home in the next few weeks, so I will download Windows 10, once again, when I have the new one installed. That way, I can keep this laptop for logging into work, since Tech Support at my job said it may be quite a while before there is ‘official’ support for Windows 10.

The latest build is 10240 and is available to Windows Insiders now. Sign up and give it a try, if you’re a Windows user. If Microsoft can live up to their promises, I don’t believe that you’ll be disappointed.

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