Minimal Elegant Little Worlds Watch Face just keeps getting better

Minimal Elegant Little Worlds Watch Face just keeps getting better. Marcin, developer of this awesome Android Wear watch face fixes the Moto 360 flat tire (granted can be used on other smartwatches) by placing landscapes, buildings, symbols, and more on the horizon. At first he was the only one creating the images for people to use, but that didn’t last long. Many artists stepped in to give users tons more options to customize their watch faces. Today Marcin released another fantastic update with custom Magic Backgrounds.

Magic Backgrounds let’s the user upload their own images to be set as their watch face wallpaper. What’s really cool about the new Magic Backgrounds is that it allows you to crop, blur, darken or lighten the image.

With this new feature it pretty much gives you full customization options for your watch. Minimal Elegant now let’s you change the how the letters and numbers look, colors, fonts, Little Worlds, and now the background wallpaper. There isn’t much you can’t customize on the watch face.

Be sure to check out Minimal Elegant watch face if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed! Once you get your watch face all set share with us your creations on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or down in the comments!


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