Microsoft Windows 10 (Welcome back Start Menu, we missed you)

As you all may know Microsoft has released their all new Technical Preview of Windows 10, the new and exciting,  revamped closed source Windows 8/8.1 timeline is coming to an end (short lived). On October 1, 2014, 5 days ago starting with beta release (v6.4.9841) Microsoft has released an all new preview OS that gives people what they miss and what we will love in future updates to come . This new technical preview gives us as, the consumer, a first look and hands on feel to what will come, plus adds back what we miss as well! Yes,  I’m talking about the Start Menu but a more refined approach that brings back what we loved and adds Live Tiles you can pin to the menu!

What’s great about Windows 10

Not only do you get back the start menu but an all new windows snap feature that allows you to pin your open windows to all 4 corners of your screen with suggestions of what to add as well as, multi desktop support for people with one monitor. There will also be Windows apps running as applications with the minimize, restore, and exit keys. Plus the modern UI will recognize if you change to tablet mode and enable the full screen OS to be tablet friendly. These are just a taste of things to come in the new Windows 10 release.

installed Tech-Preview_Virtual-desktop Tech-Preview_Task-view-1280x719 windows-10-technical-preview-snap-helper-view App_Commands


In previous releases  of Windows people got used to the start menu, plus Microsoft added a Windows key to each keyboard that opened this option. In August 24, 2001, Windows XP was released to the public. The new look of the OS and the start menu was at its peak. With the release of Windows 7 it was well loved in the office and house,  the go to way to start navigation of your programs, pined programs, recent programs, and links to different points of the OS,  like Control Panel, etc…


Today we are trying to live with or stay on the OS that we have. Many people are staying with Windows 7 while others choose to upgrade to Windows 8/8.1. We still have people on Windows XP but note XP is not supported by Microsoft anymore. Windows 10 when its open to the public should be the best option as a upgrade from all previous versions.


Windows 10 is the product that people asked for and Microsoft listens, every other OS is what Microsoft thinks we will like, and the next is when they listen to our suggestions. Starting with 98 (Microsoft) 98SE (the people), ME (Microsoft), XP (the people), vista (Microsoft), 7 (the people), 8 (Microsoft), 10 (the people). Well that’s how I see it and hope the best for Windows 10! Windows 10 should be available in 2015 coming to a PC or PC retailer near you!

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