Why you should get 1Up Box – Best geek subscription box?

Over this last year, 1Up Box has proven to be my favorite subscription box. Loot Crate, Comic Block, BAM Box, Collector’s Corps, and Legion of Collectors have been subscription boxes of the like that I have tried. Considering a few factors, 1Up Box has been the best bet if you’re into investing in a subscription box. Here’s why.

Mind this is in no way bashing other boxes. Just simply sharing my opinion and experience.


1Up Box Shirt

First, the shirts have been the most of what has impressed me thus far with 1Up Box. The designs are unique and the materials are top notch. Out of all the shirts I’ve gotten from boxes collectively, 1Up Box shirts are the ones that have lasted and wear the most. They’re comfortable and fit great.

Shirts from Loot Crate, while I like the themes, they don’t fit well and some not well at all. There was only one shirt that was just fine, which was the Deadpool shirt. The others were too small or the prints were misaligned. However, I’ve proudly worn all the 1Up Box shirts. They’re simply made with quality.

Each month the shirts are called ‘Mashups’ and have some fun themes. One of my favorites was a shirt with Mario Bros, Zelda, and Darth Vader all on one shirt and somehow made em all, well, mash up to make a great themed shirt. Every month is a nice surprise. By far my top favorite was the Squad themed shirt1up box

1up box



These days it’s very important to get what you pay for. There’s so many cheap knock-offs, etc. that many times people are paying for things that shouldn’t be priced so high. Again, this is where 1Up Box shines and stands out from the rest. Not only are the boxes priced just right, they come with some really great items.

1up box

This point, points back at the shirts. If you were to shop at a store you’d pay for the shirt the cost of what all comes in a 1Up Box. Each box comes with a shirt, which means thinking about monetary value, you’re getting more for your buck because of the other items that come in the box. Some month’s have had Pop vinyls, collectables, and more.

Useful Items

Something that aggravated me the most about other boxes (again not to bash anyone) like Loot Crate were fluff items. I really felt ripped off most of the time from a Loot Crate box. 1Up Box has not left me feeling the same way. Granted, at times 1Up Box has what I would consider fluff, but the rest of the box made of for those types of items.

Alternatively, 1Up Box includes items you can actually use or at least giveaway to someone that might like whatever it is.


Most of all, every box has been fun to open up and share on video on the channel. It’s also been a great box for the family. Many times each box includes items that I enjoy, along with my kids.

1up box

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a box that doesn’t cost as much as the competition, get 1Up Box. The first month only costs under 10 bucks when you use the code ‘BaneTech’ at checkout. 1Up Box simply is one of the best subscription boxes out there for geeks, nerds, and gamers. Especially considering the price and the value of each box.

Purchase Link

1UP BOX – First month is only $9.92 plus shipping when you use the coupon “BaneTech” click here.

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