Portable Powered Charger by Inno Tech

innoo portable powered charger

Powered Charger Review

It seems like a good idea to have a portable powered charger that’s able to recharge itself . It sounds like the perfect thing for those on the go. If your phone needs charging just plug it in. If the charger needs charging, let it sit in the sun. It looks good on paper until you try to charge it in the sun. Hint, it’ll take a day to get 20%.

The Innoo Tech Portable Powered Charger is a portable charger that has a 5000mAh battery. It has an LED light and is waterproof which makes it great for the beach or camping. It can be charged two ways. Either with a micro usb charger or use the sun’s solar power. The later sounded like a good idea until I tried it. It took around 8 hours of direct sunlight to get a 20% charger.

It has a Li-Po battery rated at 5000mAh. Solar charging is 5v/200mA and the output is 5v/2x1A. That’s enough to recharge my Nexus 6 from ~30% to 100% in just under a couple of hours. But if you’re relying on solar power then you’re going to have to wait. To reach 100% charged can take a week! And ain’t nobody got time for that!

In conclusion, this may not be the perfect charger for your first purchase. Simply because there’s more bang for your buck out there. But if you’re looking for another charger to supplement your charging needs then something like this might work for you. It’s fairly rugged, has an led light & can be kept on the dashboard of your vehicle or in a sunny window. That way you’ll always have an powered charger that’s ready when you are.

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