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A few weeks ago iPhone-Developers.com sent out a tweet asking for anyone who is interested in writing for the website. iPhone-Developers.com is the iPhone department of XDA-Developers.com and covers all of the iOS world. I have followed XDA ever since I got into the hacking, modding, jailbreaking and rooting realm of the device community. XDA is the top site to refer to in dealing with any technical issues, problems, questions tutorials, guides and developer updates. It is the go-to hub for just about anything you need to know about devices.

Today I was given the official invite to become part of the team as an Author/Writer for iPhone-Developers.com. Needless to say I am honored to be part of such a prominent website. It honestly feels a bit a out of my league. The thought of people that know WAY more than I do on very deep technological material is bit intimidating. The importance of attention to detail and self scrutiny is of upmost importance.

The last year or so I have become accustomed to writing more. This past summer my English professor taught the class very well. Looking back I have to give Mr. Ross full credit for taking this guy who didn’t know he had a hidden talent and let him rise to the occasion. My first semester with Liberty University was a big hit too. I surprised myself with unexpected grades. I was able to pull in three A’s and one B. All of my professors at some point in the semester complimented on my writings. Mr. Ross proved a point he made in class when he spoke about people who become successful, are people who can write. He proved that point within me. The ability to communicate is an important characteristic.

So where does this take Bane Tech? If you follow what I do closely you might have noticed a few changes. When I started Bane Tech my idea was to have a tech review site that discussed various devices, accessories and guides. My intent from day one was to provide a place for the everyday user to refer to for help or guidance. Reviews in my opinion is one of the best ways to look up a product to discover what people think about it. I like guides that help me walk through steps to fix a problem, add new features or mods. My intentions remain the same. I also wanted to provide a place with non-bias opinions about iOS and Android products. I love and appreciate both platforms.

For the most part the content I provided depended on what devices I owned. Since the start of the website I have been able to cover the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. I have had the great privilege to work with some very generous companies like Seidio, Elago, CruzerLite and DBAcases. I look forward to continuing to work with each of these and along with more down the road. I have been able to make some nice connections with fans of the like, other reviewers and businesses. I am very thankful for all the interactions I have been able to be part of.

All that to say is that Bane Tech is switching gears a little bit. As mentioned above I have made a few changes. The changes went from a dedicated site as in a label to becoming more along the lines of me as a writer and reviewer. The website will not change much at all. This will be the main source I post content such as reviews, guides and giveaways. The changes mainly happened to the social networking aspect. I used to have a separate Twitter and Google+ accounts but I recently deleted them and consolidated to one account. Twitter and Google+ now reflects me, the reviewer and writer. No more talking in the third person 🙂 My Twitter is still @BaneTech but my name, Josh Bane, is now visible. Google+ is pretty much mirrors the same line of thought. So definitely follow and add me to those sites. Facebook and Instagram will keep the Bane Tech theme going, not so much my name in the mix.

I gave this all some thought if whether or not these changes would be beneficial or not. I really think this is what will work the best. Rather than building a brand, I am going to be myself and have fun with it. I love doing what I do. I love helping people. Techie stuff has become an increasing hobby, knowledge and gift I have enjoyed and have been able to share with others.

Now that I am part of the iPhone-Developers.com team I will be focusing most iOS efforts towards that direction. If you like to keep up with the iOS content that I provide I will post the articles I write and share to the Facebook Bane Tech Page and Google+. My Twitter account will cover a variety of subjects covering everything Bane Tech, iPD and other misc items. YouTube will stay the same with all reviews and guides. Please subscribe.

Bane-Tech.com will lean more on the Android side of things. Like I said all iOS content will be written via iPD and then I will share a link of the articles I write.

This is an exciting time for me. I am glad to see progression. I started Bane Tech June 2012 and have loved every minute of it. It has provided many cool opportunities and I can’t wait to see where else this takes me. Thank you for being part of the journey. I love interacting with everyone. The giveaways are fun. Please stay in the game as we grow together. Always stay tuned. New things are always happening.

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It is amazing how things can change so fast. Today (2-6-13) I unfortunately had to consult with iPD about writing for them. At this point in time it is a bigger bite than I can chew. My full plate is yet to be upon me and I was having a hard time keeping up with all aspects of my life, schedule and priorities. Reluctantly, I had to step away from iPD. I am not totally throwing in the towel. I may write periodically for iPD and maybe once the dust settles I can kick back up again. I count it an honor to write and be part of the iPD team. Emil the Editor and Chief was very understanding and has been a great guy to work with. I was gracious to hear very good feedback of the work I offered to him and the site. Be sure to follow @XDA_iPhone for the latest and greatest in the iOS world. As far as Bane Tech goes, things will be back “normal” but with extra effort to provide quality material. I am always here as your tech guy and I love to serve your needs. The rest of the what new will not change other than writing for iPD. Thanks everyone and stay tuned for some great content. 


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