[Video] Unboxing and first impressions of the OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2 is in the house! This was a total surprise the OnePlus 2 came in  early after hearing about the projected delay OnePlus said about shipments not getting to USA residents 15-20 days out from the release/purchase dates. Fortunately, I was able to get an invite early last week, placed the order, and got notification a few days ago the package was being prepared. Too add to the drama, my wife pulled up to the driveway when the postal worker was at our door and good timing because the package had to be signed for! It would have been a total bummer if we had to wait another day to get the device, because I am not so sure I would have been able to unbox and make a video later tonight. Regardless, the OnePlus 2 got the Bane Tech unbox and first impressions treatment. Enjoy!

The OnePlus 2 has been a phone I knew I was going to get as soon as I could place the order. The OnePlus One was my favorite device of 2014 and I was sure the OP2 was going to treat me just as well, if not better! I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy because I do acknowledge the flaws or missing elements when I see them. However, I am a fan of the device. I believe OnePlus has set a bar with how a phone can be top notch and not cost an arm and a leg. They are one of the few companies that can offer a high-end specs device for a low cost in comparison to other companies.



First of all, I am glad there is only one box this time around.  While the presentation was cool last year with the OnePlus One, I found it unnecessary to have two boxes; one for the phone and the other for the charging cable and brick. The OP2 box is normal size compared to something what an iPhone or Galaxy S6 would come in. While the box is not really an important part of the experience of the phone, I thought I would bring it up anyways.

The accessories included in the box are pretty simple and nothing to special other than the style/design OnePlus implements with their products. There really isn’t anyone else who puts design elements with their charging cables and bricks. So therefore I would actually have to say the accessories are special in that sense. In fact, I really like how they include a unique style with their products.

Unfortunately, there the charging system is not wireless or quick charging. At the moment it is not a deal breaker for me as long as the battery life is good I am not concerned with quick or wireless charging. Due to devices like the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 it is imperative to have at least quick charging because the battery life is so bad.


The feel of the Sandstone Black is just very similar to the OnePlus One’s back texture. The back of the OP2 is slightly different now because of the removable back to have the option of SwapStyle Covers. I chose to not get the SwapStyle Covers for a couple reasons; one I like the Sandstone Black and I plan to use a case or skin. Either way the back of the OP2 feels great and I am a fan of the texture. It’s one of those things that you just have to experience to understand what it is like. Believe me once you do, you’ll start telling your friends to grope the back because it’s so good!

The rest of the device is solid. I was expecting it to be very lightweight for some reason, but it actually has enough weightiness to feel like you have something in your hand. The frame, buttons, and structure is premium and backs up my belief that devices these days need to have such quality materials.


Onward to the software side of the OnePlus 2. The boot-up was rather quick and didn’t take too long to get to the welcome screen and setup process. At first it took a while to get to the setup, but once you’re there it looks very familiar to begin with. Before getting to the home screen OnePlus walks you through a few more options like whether or not to use on/off screen buttons.

OxygenOS is the operating system OnePlus has adopted and it has made my thirst to get the Moto X Pure  Edition even stronger! Currently I am using the LG G4 and I cannot wait to get rid of it and replace it with the Moto X as my daily driver device. Stock Android with a custom rom skin like OxygenOS or CM is the rom style of choice for me. Stock Android is great, but I like a just a bit more functions included like menu options that you get with a custom rom. OxygenOS included the majority of the option I like and can be happy with using it without the need to install any modifications.


The mute/vibrate/volume switch is a neat feature. It’s similar to what you get on an iPhone, but better in my opinion. iPhones only get the toggle vibrate or volume on options, while the OP2 can toggle mute/vibrate/volume on. It’s one of the small details that make the experience of the phone nice.


Moving on to the home button. It is not the type of home button I was expecting. I was expecting a clickable home button like how the Galaxy S6 has, rather it is a capacitive button with a chrome ascent that outlines the button area. As far as the functionality, it works well, but I still need some time with it to give a fair assessment; along with testing the fingerprint sensor.

I’ve only briefly played around with the camera and so far I like it. The menu could use some tweaking, but other than that the quality of the camera is yet to be tested.


I would like to point out is that the phone comes pre-installed with a screen protector that you can use as a normal screen protector. This is notable because if you’re like me, I do not have a screen protector available to install right now (one is on the way) and I like to keep my screens flawless if I can help it. Also, for the purpose of making a screen protector installation smooth, it’s always best to leave the film or old screen protector on just before installing the new one. This helps reduce the chances of getting fingerprints or dust on the screen.

The OnePlus 2 is going to be a fun phone to have around! I am looking forward to creating a ton of content about the OP2 including the full review, accessory reviews (I have some on the way), custom roms, custom recoveries, tricks, experiences, and more. This is a phone I plan to support for a long time. That being said you will want to subscribe to the channel, social networks, and our email (enter your email address on the right sidebar at the bottom of this page) to be notified when content is pushed out.

Before you leave be sure to leave your thoughts about the OnePlus 2 and let me know if you enjoyed the unboxing in the comments section below!


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