How to make ‘Straight Outta’ Meme

Beats Audio has created a clever media campaign allowing users to make custom memes that say Straight Outta______. The original is derived from the new movie Straight Outta Compton. From the beginning and to this point I can’t avoid these creations that are flooding all of my social media feeds. So you might be wondering how people are making these posts. Well, it is pretty simple. Follow the instruction below to learn how to make Straight Outta________ meme.

  • Click HERE to be taken to the appropriate website tool
  • The tool is at the top of the website
  • Click inside the bottom box of the meme
  • Type in what you want to say
  • Click the “Add Photo” button to upload an image
  • Find the image you want to use
  • From here you can adjust the crop, contrast, and toggle the text color from black or white
  • Once you’re happy with the results click download
  • That’s it! Pretty easy!

Now that you have made your own Straight Outta______ image share it to your social networks and be sure to tag us @BaneTech of what you created!

StraightOuttaSomewhere (2)




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