3 things I am disappointed in about the OnePlus 2

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Now that the dust has settled a bit since the unveiling of the OnePlus 2 there are a few things I want to talk out what I am disappointed with this 2016 Flagship Killer. There are plenty of aspects about the OnePlus 2 that are exciting and things to look forward to, but there are features that should have made it over to the OnePlus 2.

Derek Ross pretty much summed up exactly what is missing from the OnePlus 2. Talk Android News had a Twitter conversation on NFC support and solidified that OnePlus does not have any plans for NFC support. When all this information was gathered I had one of those moments when you just kind of tilt your head and shake your head.

The three things the OnePlus 2 won’t have that I think should have is NFC, wireless charging, and quick charging. Honestly, if it at least had quick charging I could forgive not having wireless charging. But not to have NFC, that’s a huge bummer. Especially since Android is moving in the direction of getting Android Pay fully supported. 2015-07-27

Wireless charging isn’t a deal breaker for me. I would much rather have quick charging. There are times where I need to use the phone while it’s being charged and you can’t use a phone when it’s wireless charging. However, it’s a great feature to have and I use it when I can.

In short, if you are going to call a device a 2016 Flagship Killer you must have at the very least the same features as what the current flagships carry. This is 2015 and without these features it’s hard enough to call it 2015 flagship killer.

With all that said I am still planning to get the OnePlus 2 because I think it is still a great device from what I can observe. Everything else seems like the phone will rock. The camera, bright screen, 4GB of ram, and from what seems to be a well built Oxygen OS. Personally, I am getting this phone as I guess what you can call a toy to tinker with. I don’t plan to use it as a daily driver, but as a phone I can create content about and simply as an extra device to carry around for various reasons. If I were to plan to use it as a daily driver I would be most bummed about the no NFC support as I was transitioning into using Google Wallet/ Android Pay more because my town is adopting such payment systems.

Another notable feature that some might think is missing is micro SD card support. This is a feature that is not a big deal to me, although is lovely to have when you have it. I am getting used to the idea that many devices in the future will not have as much SD card support. The OnePlus One did not have SD card slots and I didn’t expect the 2 to have it either.


OnePlus put on a show for us last night during the unveiling through a VR experience and it was fun. However, there are some disappointments that came along with it. Are these missing features worth the small price tag with the other nice features? The release date is August 11th, 2015. Are you planning to get one? Make sure to secure your invitation by clicking here.

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