Playing Bingo

How tech has made playing bingo cool

Bingo might be as old as your grandpa but the game is spinning millions every year. The UK’s Bingo market is worth over 340 million Pounds and it is not slowing down anytime soon. Wait, all this money cannot be coming from halls packed with middle-aged women waiting for a chance to yell “Bingo!” Well, you’re right. Technology has played a huge role in making a traditional game that might have fizzled out over time, a global success.

Playing Bingo

Once, the game might have conjured the image of elderly players fixed on their cards, but today, electronic bingo games have changed the way the game is played. Modern Bingo halls are now packed with persons of all ages sitting at slot machines, eager to make a big win. Bingo has made its way into casinos with a slot machine version of the game available in hundreds of casinos around the world. Taking the game from its more traditional space to the digital world has increased revenue for Bingo companies.

Nearly a century after it’s invention, Bingo has started to move away from traditional Bingo Halls to the one place everyone can live happily ever after – the digital world. You can enjoy a live stream from a Bingo hall and play the game on your computer or mobile phone. In the UK, 600 million Pounds worth of online Bingo cards are purchased annually and online Bingo activity has risen 155% since 2008.

Playing Bingo

In case you are still wondering exactly how technology has made playing Bingo cool:

  1. You don’t have to shout “Bingo!” when you win – seems like a great way to exercise your lungs, but shouting is so not cool.
  2. You can play from the comfort of your home or anywhere else – saves energy, time, and money! Plus, you get to listen to your stereo.
  3. You can play different games during the intervals – definitely more value.
  4. You get to help save the planet by cutting down on paper use – maybe they’ll cut one less tree from the billions of trees cut down each year.
  5. Thanks to social media, you can play with your friends.
  6. Now, the best part – you can make real money. How exciting is Bingo for money!

Considering the success of mobile apps in recent times, it should not be too surprising to find that a size-able chunk of the younger generation is getting more interested in the game. No doubt, Bingo is taking its share of the multi-billion Dollar gaming industry, and has become especially popular in social gaming spheres.

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