Tech Tip – Note Taking App: Google Keep

There are tons of note taking apps out there these days but there are few that stand out to me. After trying out tons of apps throughout the years, I can say that there are only 2-3 apps that I would consider using as a daily driver. Apple’s Notes app is actually my favorite, but only while I was solely an iOS user. I loved the feature to be able to have my content synced with my Mac, iPhone and iPad. At any given time I needed to access my notes, all I had to do was reach for one of the three devices.

All that is great, until you are no longer an sole iOS user. Now as I am mainly an Android phone user, I need a note app that works on everything, including iOS, Android and my Mac. Google Keep has been a great app for me thus far. It has been my go-to app for a few months now. There are other great apps to consider like Evernote, Wunderlist and Catch Notes. But the #1 feature I like about Google Keep, is I love Google and the ability to just use my Google account versus signing up for a new account. Less is more to me and I like to minimize my accounts as much as possible.

Android has a dedicated app which is great, I use it all the time. However, iOS does not have an official Google App. So the solution is make a home icon app with Safari as a shortcut. Google Keep is accessible via website. Simply Google Search “Google Keep” or Click HERE to be directed to the webpage. From there simply make a bookmark. I use Google Chrome for my computer browser and my phone browser, thus being accessible from any Chrome browser.

What is your favorite note app?

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