Tech events this week : BUSY!

Although on our live shows we have had plenty to talk about, it has been a few barren weeks filled with rumours and leaks. However finally there is a busy week  for tech followers, check out all the upcoming events for announcement, press and links to live streams. Let us know what your excited about.

Monday 27th July – The long awaited successor to the polarising Oneplus One will be announced, we already know pretty much everything about the handset bar actual hands-on pictures. Through OnePlus extended marketing campaign we know most of the secs – and through leaks we pretty much know what it looks like now. You can check it out through the live stream app on google play at 7pm EST (unfortunately thats midnight on BST) – and even in VR if you are lucky enough to have a cardboard. They will still be exclusive and on an invite basis so if you want to put your name down for an invite, be quick.

moto-event-july-28th-640x514On Tuesday 28TH July – Motorola host their press event thats expected to announce the new Moto X and Moto G. Events are taking place simultaneously in New York City, Sao Paulo (Brazil), and London (UK) – however the event will also be live streamed through their YouTube channel. Tune in from 8am eastern time (thats 1pm BST) and see what they have instore from their strange invites “Your relationship status is about to change”. I am hoping they mean with my current handset and not my wife!

Both the third-gen Moto X and third-gen Moto G allegedly will have huge improvements compared to last years models. The new Moto X is being brought in line with what we have seen so far this year – featuring a Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) display, an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, and a front-facing camera with flash. The new Moto G takes a huge step up from entry level dominator to a mid level flagship with water resistance in tow. Rumoured to be sporting LTE, a 13 MP rear camera, and a 5 MP front-facing camera with support from Moto Maker. Check out more details and our opinions on tonights BaneTech live.

That same day Nokia are holding a VIP event which is shrouded in mystery, Nokia is continuing to plot its comeback although one is for sure is this won’t be a smartphone – they are forbidden from making one until 2016. Having previously stated they will only return to mobile through a licensing deal similar to it N1 tablet. Re/Code have reported that it will be virtual reality-related, although it would be a strange move to enter a crowded market place so early into their comeback.

On Thursday 29th July – Not so much of an event but Microsft will eventually flip the switches and put Windows 10 live for download. The long awaited update to the universally panned Windows 8 is free for all those running Windows 7 and 8 – the update will be available for a year however if you miss the boat or need a legitimate key the price is $119/£99/€135 to start. Although be warned even the Windows evangelist Tom Warren has his doubts that it will be completely big free!


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Greg Morris

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