UK court rules you can’t duplicate copyright material at all

It’s getting to the stage where I am packing my bags. I really give up with the UK government and it’s hate of anything technology related. If it’s not David Cameron clearly showing zero knowledge and trying to ban encryption – now the UK courts have effectively banned duplicating any copyrighted material even for your own use.

The High Court has overturned the current legislation, which permits copying of material copyrighted material providing it’s for their own use. So no copy’s can be made at all, without the permission of the copyright holder.

“It is now unlawful to make private copies of copyright works you own, without permission from the copyright holder – this includes format shifting from one medium to another,” – spokesperson from the UK Intellectual Property Office

Although the IPO has pointed out it is unaware of any individual being prosecuted for copying their own music. As they rightly point out it doesn’t just apply to burning a copy of a CD you have purchased, it is also illegal to copy the songs into iTunes (or any MP3 player) make a backup of your computer (as it may contain copyright material) not to mention services like Google Play All Access allowing the storage of your mp3’s in the cloud.



Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, as companies like Apple may be heading into a sticky situation by promoting CD’s to be copied (or ripped) into iTunes et al. The company would be judged as “actively facilitating copyright infringement” and could face action from copyright owners seeking no doubt rather large recompense.

Although many commenters have seen an opportunity that Apple may just take – removing the facility to ‘rip’ music from CD’s and allowing only purchases from iTunes or a subscription to Apple music. Could just be possible – how many people still buy CD’s anyway? However the fact still remains that according to this ruling, does transferring your iTunes purchases onto an iPod still land you in hot water? Either way its damn stupid!


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Greg Morris

Outspoken and sometimes controversial technology evangelist. Disabled technology inclusion preacher and marathon runner - my free time is extremely limited!