Is this the new OnePlus 2?

New photos have been leaked out today as they could portray what could indeed be the new OnePlus 2. Usually the closer we get to the release of a new device the more leaks and rumors we see. This time around we have some full product image of a design of the OnePlus 2. These new images are a whole lot more clearer than the blurry pic we saw of what looked like a Moto X and LG G4 hybrid. The new images look like a tweaked version of last year’s OnePlus One.

According to the leaked images the OnePlus 2 is rocking a Sandstone back, which is very much welcomed! The back of the One was such a nice change for device backs. Yes, leather and wood are great too, but I would take the Sandstone back over those other materials any day.

What seems to be odd though is OnePlus recently asked to people to vote on SwapStyle Covers and like I mentioned above the back from the blurry image looked a lot different from what we see here. Granted, there was the option to swap out covers with the OnePlus One, but it seems strange to me that the image Carl revealed to us and saying that quote, “the OnePlus Two is under the OnePlus One.” meaning that the size is smaller than the OnePlus One and still possibly keeping the screen size of 5.5 inches. I sincerely hope the screen is no smaller than 5.5 inches. With all that said, there are a few more things that we can learn from the images.

There is a home button to which can be assumed accommodates for the fingerprint scanner that’s supposed to be better than TouchID. With a home button added, it leads me to believe that if if the phone is smaller than the OnePlus One the screen size must be smaller than 5.5 inches and that’s disappointing if that is true. Along with the home button we notice there are some more buttons on the side that look to be a volume rocker and what seems to be another mystery button. It could be a SIM card tray, but I’ve never seen a tray protrude like what we see here. If it’s not a SIM card tray it could be a dedicated camera button.

On the back of the phone we see something similar to what the OnePlus One camera looked like with an added laser focus. From using a laser focus on the LG G3/G4 I am excited to see this feature come over to the OnePlus 2.

I don’t know, part of me a excited to see the Sandstone back, but the other part of me is bummed that it could be a smaller screen size from the 5.5 inches. All this could be moot anyways. Rumors are rumors and the images above are not actual photos. I like this design of these images, but I am concerned that the OnePlus 2 might be a little smaller than what would like if this holds up to be true. My gut tells me these images are not what the OnePlus 2 is going to be.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these images are indeed the OnePlus 2? Let us know in the comments.

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